Tiger's Eye Ritual Blend: Spiritual Protection & Defense


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Old World Witchcraft Ritual Blend for deflecting energy-draining circumstances/ people and building spiritual protection. This is the self-defense Ritual Blend to use if you have reason to believe something negative is headed your way. 

  • Proprietary, time-tested Old World Witchcraft blend of 100% organic and responsibly wild-harvested herbs, roots, and resins. Every Ritual Blend is ritually handcrafted and bottled by Old World Witches under specific corresponding Moon phases and astrological influences.
  • Packaged in a thick glass 2 oz jar. Reusable and recyclable. 
  • Environmentally-friendly cork cap allows for secure long-term storage.
  • Also available in the Spiritual Protection Ritual Kit


Witches are Sensitives. Unless we are consciously prepared to block people's energy, we automatically pick up the vibration of our surroundings. Sadly, many people in this world carry negativity, hatred, and anxiety.

After spending time with groups of people (such as in concerts, shopping malls or at clubs), do you feel physically ill? Do you feel it takes time to energetically wash away the feeling? After having to be out in social situations for any length of time, do you feel the need to be alone for several days?

These are all symptoms of a sensitive (and often damaged) energetic barrier. As a result, we need to consciously develop and strengthen our energetic barrier and channel our sacred inner power. 

As we grow and evolve, we may become less sensitive to some stimulants (angst of big cities, bitter people, etc.) and more susceptible to others. This poses a challenge, as your energetic barrier must keep up with your evolvement and environment. Otherwise, you will feel drained and helpless as you absorb the energies of your surroundings.

​When feeling overwhelmed by the negative energies of others, perform this Spiritual Protection Ritual to create and strengthen your energetic barrier. With the help of the Old World ritual herbs and resins of the Tiger's Eye Ritual Blend, this ritual will protect you from unpleasant external energies and influences. Especially useful before stepping into an uncomfortable or potentially toxic situation. Wards against energetic vampires - those who suck the energy out of you or love to see people be miserable.​

View step-by-step instructions for the Tiger's Eye Spiritual Protection Ritual 


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