January 2023 Astrological Influences & Rituals

January 2, 2023: Venus enters Aquarius, making people more helpful and selfless. With the Moon approaching Full, now is a good time for love/sex magick and all spells involving influencing the emotions of others. However, it is important to note that now is not a good time to have difficult conversations regarding commitment. This concerns both romantic commitments, as well as careers. Do your best to stay neutral. Miscommunication is rampant, making most set plans or group intentions obsolete in a matter of weeks.

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2023 Witch's Moon Calendar

Important dates for the Dark Moon, Witch's New Moon, and Full Moon for 2023.

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Rosemary Smudge Bundle: Stability & PeaceRosemary Smudge Bundle: Stability & Peace
Wrought Iron Coffin Nail - Old World Witchcraft

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2023 Old World Witchcraft Moon Calendar

2023 Old World Witchcraft Moon Calendar

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