Spiritual Protection Ritual Set: Build Protective Barrier & Deflect Negativity (3 Rituals)



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Information & Ritual Uses

When feeling overwhelmed by the negative energies of others, perform this Spiritual Protection Ritual to create and strengthen your energetic barrier. With the help of the Old World ritual herbs and resins in the Tiger's Eye Ritual Blend, this ritual will protect you from unpleasant external energies and influences. Especially useful before stepping into an uncomfortable or potentially toxic situation. Wards against energetic vampires - those who suck the energy out of you or love to see people be miserable.

Note: This ritual is particularly powerful after the Break & Reverse Ritual

This Spiritual Protection Set includes:

In addition to this Ritual Kit, you will need:

  • Fireproof surface, such as a stone or metal tray
  • Medium-size fireproof bowl
  • Matches/lighter
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pen/pencil


Best Time to Perform:

This Spiritual Protection Ritual is best performed the morning after the Dark Moon or on the Witch's New Moon (first moon crescent).

Find a quiet space and time where you will not be disturbed. Ideally, this particular ritual should be performed near a cracked open window for the smoke to escape quickly. As with all rituals, your altar surface must be fireproof.

Take a deep breath and allow your body and your mind to relax.

Breathe out stress, breathe in joy.

Breathe out worry, breathe in comfort. 

Breathe out tension, breathe in serenity. 

Step 1: On the blank sheet of paper, on the front and back, write the following protection statement as many times as it will fit:





Those that are comfortable with inviting ancestral spirits into their practice may write on the exterior of the statement paper:

"Ancestors, I now call upon you. I ask you to surround me and protect me. Guard me against all harm. "

Step 2: Place the paper in the fireproof bowl. 

Step 3: Begin visualizing an egg shape of white light enveloping you. Sit within this white light all around your body; under your feet, over your head, covering both arms. Breathe.

Step 4: Pick up the 4 Ritual Candles and roll them between the palms of your hands while visualizing the egg of white light turning into a beautiful shade of dark purple. You will notice the density of this energetic egg will become heavier and turn into a sturdy shield. At this stage, the energetic shield forming all around you will become nearly palpable to all the senses. The beeswax should now be warm from the heat of your palms. 

Step 5: Place the Ritual Candles on top of the paper inside the bowl. Dust about 1/2 teaspoon the Tiger's Eye Ritual Blend over the Ritual Candles. Some of the Ritual Blend will remain on the paper. 

Step 6: Create a Candle Braid. Gather the four Ritual Candles in your hand, make sure they are lined up evenly. While holding both ends of the candles, gently begin to twist in opposite directions. The motion is similar to wringing out wet laundry. The candles' bottoms (or legs) should then be untwisted for the last 1/2-1 inch of the candles. Spread each of the candle legs to 4 opposing sides, forming a self-contained base. Place the Candle Braid on top of the paper inside the bowl.

Step 7: Begin chanting your protection statement. Now light the candles and continue visualizing your energetic barrier strengthening. See it becoming iron-strong, repelling anything negative that dare come in its direction. 

Step 8: While the candle burns (about 20-30 minutes) light your chosen smudge bundle from the flame of the candles. While sitting in front of the candles, cover your entire body with the smoke of the smudge. Make sure to smudge under the soles of your feet, behind your neck, and about 6 inches over the crown of your head. 

Step 9: The candle braid will now do one of two things:

  • Extinguish itself in its own puddle of wax.


  • Will light the paper on fire, and the flame will consume everything. If this is the case, allow it to (safely!) burn and extinguish naturally. This is usually a physical indication that there was indeed some energetic resistance. 

If you have called upon your ancestors or helpful spirits for protection, thank them during this final step. It is recommended that you set our a small offering for them on the same evening, such as a glass of wine and bread. 

Step 10: Remnants

Whether your ritual remnants are ash or a puddle of wax with paper, they will need to be ritually disposed of in the same manner. Bury the ritual remnants, including the ashes from the smudge, in front of your home. This serves as physical protection for both your home and your energy field. If a yard is not available, acquire a healthy indoor plant and place the remnants inside the dirt. Situate the plant near the front of your home or on the porch. 

What to Expect: You will notice you will have incredibly vivid dreams the night of this riyal. You may even experience lucid dreams, where you have control over what is happening. Pay close attention to the synchronicities that begin happening around you over the next 28 days. Before entering a challenging situation or place, visualize the protective barrier around your physical body. You will immediately notice energies bouncing off your physical and spiritual body. If you choose to bury the spell remnants on your property, you will notice the area will become exceptionally peaceful. 


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