Song of the Siren Ritual Blend: Obtain Love and Attention from a Specific Person


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Old World Witchcraft Ritual Blend for obtaining love and sexual desire from a specific person through means of seduction. May be used for attracting a new lover or for restoring a relationship after a breakup.

  • Proprietary, time-tested Old World Witchcraft blend of 100% organic and responsibly wild-harvested herbs, roots, and resins. Every Ritual Blend is ritually handcrafted and bottled by Dacha Avelin under specific corresponding moon phases and planetary influences.
  • Packaged in a thick glass 2 oz jar. Reusable and recyclable. 
  • Environmentally-friendly cork cap allows for secure longterm storage.

Come to Me Ritual: Seduction & Bewitchment 

Old World Witchcraft ritual to attract and seduce a specific person. Ideal for getting the attention of a new or old love interest in order to start a romantic relationship. Draws a specific person to you through means of sex magick and energy work. 

You Will Need:

  • Old World Witchcraft Song of the Siren Ritual Blend
  • 6 Old World Ritual Candles
  • Chosen smudge bundle: Old World Floral, Lavender & Orange Blossom, or Mugwort 
  •  Printed photograph of the target where the eyes are clearly visible. Ideally, this photo should be from the waist up. Photo size 5"x7" works well. Use plain printer paper, not glossy photo paper.
  • Pen
  • Lighter/matches
  • Fireproof surface, such as a thick metal or stone tray.
  • For faster results, obtain the target's biological material (hair, sexual fluid, etc.) If that is not yet possible or obtainable (yet!), perform the ritual without it. If using your lover's biological material, you will also need tape.

Continue reading step-by-step Song of the Siren (Come to Me) Ritual instructions 


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