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The botanical cousin of Frankincense, this ancient South American Palo Santo wood incense can be utilized to bless and purify your body, your spirit, and your personal space. Our Palo Santo smudge bundles are wonderfully fragrant and are obtained strictly through sustainable harvest methods. ​

Although we primarily feature Old World Witchcraft practices and supplies from Central and Eastern Europe, we simply couldn't resist this Peruvian sacred tree from the other side of the globe. Palo Santo has been used for millennia by Shamans, Medicine Men, Wise Women, and Healers. And although we do not agree with their claims regarding the banishment properties of Palo Santo (use Cedar instead!), the blessing and purifying energetic properties of Palo Santo should not be underestimated!

To use Palo Santo, light one end, allow the flame to build for about 15-20 seconds. Walk clockwise around your private space, allowing the smoke to gently envelop each corner of your home. Pay special attention to mirrors, windows, doors, and all reflective surfaces.

Palo Santo is a rustic product and is chopped by hand. Each piece is unique in size, weight, and density. Each pack comes with two Palo Santo sticks.


Legal Disclaimer: To comply with various merchant agreements, this product is sold as a curio only. 

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