Pine Smudge - Spiritual Protection & Blessings for a Kinder 2021

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Limited edition Pine Smudge bundle to form spiritual protection in the coming year and welcome blessings of 2021. 

Similar to the properties of the Juniper Smudge, this limited release Pine Smudge carries energies of protection and wards against negativity. Ideal for building a long-lasting energetic "suit of armor" around the home and family. Deflects negativity while welcoming blessings in the coming year.

Note: Ideal for single-family dwellings; not recommended for apartments. See Rosemary & White Sage Smudge Bundle instead

Designed to be burned on New Year's Day. While standing at your front door, looking out towards the street, light the Pine Smudge. Affirm aloud that you are protecting your home and family. You may choose to invite the spirits of your deceased ancestors to help guard your home. Walk clockwise around the exterior of your home, thoroughly smudging every side door and window. If upstairs windows are present, gently blow the smoke in an upward motion towards the windows. Finishing back at your front door, allow the smoke to envelop the exterior of the door. Open the door, and gently blow the smoke inside and on the door's threshold. Finally, smudge your physical and non-physical body, which includes the 3 feet below your feet' soles (you will need to sit or lay) and the 3 feet above your head. Scatter the ashes under your doormat.  

Limited edition and limited availability. Handmade item, each smudge is unique. Approximately 4-5 inches in length. Once sold out, it will be as gone as 2020. 

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