Mugwort Powder - Communication, Divination & Spirit Contact {Organic}



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Information & Ritual Uses

Organic Mugwort herb powder assists with opening channels of communication - both within our physical world as well as the spiritual world. Mugwort Herb Powder is used to heighten psychic senses and awaken intuition during divination, or when contacting spirits. 

100% pure & organic Mugwort Powder (no fillers!)


For use during divination, dust a Ritual Candle with the Mugwort Powder. Place the candle directly in front of you and light it. While holding your chosen divination tool (Tarot deck, pendulum, runes, etc.), gaze at the space right above the candle flame (not directly at the flame). Allow your gaze to soften and your mind to relax. Take a few deep breaths. You are now ready to proceed with your divination. 


Spirit Communication

When wishing to contact a spirit or an ancestor, write their name or something that represents them (e.g., "My ancestors" or "Residing Spirits") on a sheet of paper. If a copy of a deceased person's photograph is available, use that instead. Dust the paper with 1/2 teaspoon of the Mugwort Powder. Place a Ritual Candle between the palms of your hands as you gaze at the paper. Warm a Ritual Candle by rolling it between the palms of your hands as you recite their name. Once the beeswax is warm, firmly roll the candle over the paper to pick up the dusted Mugwort Powder. 

Set the candle on the far top edge of the paper/photo. Press the base fo the Ritual Candle into the surface, allowing the candle to stand upright by itself. Recite the name of the spirit or ancestor. Verbally welcome them to your space. 

Light the candle. Take a deep breath. Breathe in the intuition-stimulating energies of the Mugwort and pure beeswax. Allow your body and mind to relax. You may sense a tingle up your spine or feel a sudden light gust of wind in the room. You may feel as though something or someone just entered the room. Once you feel that energetic shift in the room, you are ready to begin divination and/or spirit contact. 

You may choose to use a pendulum with an alphabet drawn in a circle. Or a simple Yes-No pendulum swing method. 


Due to global supply disruptions, glass jar style and color may vary.

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