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Information & Ritual Uses

Old World Witchcraft Oracle Ritual Blend for discovering the truth in a particular hidden situation. Assists with psychic development. May be used in conjunction with divination, as well as in rituals. Attracts helpful spirits and facilitates ancestral spirit communication. Excellent for reading a person's thoughts and gaining clarity about their intentions.

Proprietary, time-tested Old World Witchcraft blend of 100% organic and responsibly wild-harvested herbs, roots, and resins. No fillers!

Every Ritual Blend is ritually handcrafted under specific corresponding moon phases and planetary influences. 

Due to global supply disruptions, glass jar style and color may vary.


Divination to Uncover the Truth

If wanting to discover the truth about a specific person, write exactly what you wish to know on the back of the person's photograph, such as:

"{name} tell and show me now why/how/etc. you are.... feeling/doing/etc.".

While looking at the person's eyes, roll a Ritual Candle between the palms of your hand. Allow the beeswax to absorb and expand the energy of your request. Once the beeswax is warm from the palms of your hands, dust the Ritual Candle with 1/2 teaspoon of the Oracle Ritual Blend. Firmly roll the blend-dusted candle over the photo, allowing the herbs to press into the warmed wax.

With great power and authority, exclaim your written statement while looking into the person's eyes. While holding the Ritual Candle in one hand, light it and hold it at a 45-degree angle over the center of the photograph. Create a small pool of wax in the center of the photograph (3-4 drops of wax will do). Push the base of the Ritual Candle directly into the warm pool of wax and hold it still for about 5 seconds until the center hardens just a bit, and the candle is standing upright without any assistance.

​Gaze through the flame of the candle into the person's eyes. Your gaze should soften and become out of focus. Pay attention to the images, sounds, emotions, and messages that enter your mind's eye. Do not filter the messages; allow everything to come to you while you gaze into their eyes. ​​

Answers will come through as thoughts, smells, and sounds entering your mind. However, physical signs may also occur depending on the person and the circumstances, such as doors opening or closing by themselves, a cold or warm gust coming out of nowhere, a sensation of being hugged, etc. 

Those new (or mentally blocked) to telepathy or channeling will experience insightful dreams and out-of-the-ordinary serendipities. 

Old World Moon Phases

Witch's Thoughts

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