Lavender Smudge Bundle: Love, Peace & Energetic Stability



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Information & Ritual Uses

Witches have used lavender throughout Europe and Persia for millennia. Its potent energy intensifies love rituals, as well as work involving the home, family life, and children. 

Ideal for use in any love spell, regardless of circumstance. Best used between the Witch's New Moon and the Full Moon

Highly recommended smudge to use within 48 hours of a family gathering, as it stabilizes erratic energies and instills a sense of calmness. Under typical circumstances, the energetic benefits of this Lavender Smudge last approximately 10-14 days. 

Lavender smudge bundles are sold individually. Sustainably grown and handcrafted in Lebanon. Each bundle is approximately 4 inches long, 0.75" wide. 


Instructions for Use:

If performing a love ritual, light the Lavender Smudge from the flame of the candle. Otherwise, you may use the flame of a non-ritual candle or lighter. Allow the embers the form uniformly at the lit end of the smudge. Once uniform embers are formed, blow out the flame of the smudge. Hold the smudge over a small fireproof bowl to collect ashes. 

  1. Starting from your bedroom's interior front door, walk the perimeter of the room, allowing the smoke to envelop the walls and furniture. Pay special attention to mirrors, windows, and corridors, if applicable. 
  2. If your bed has two nightstands (and we highly recommend that you do!), first walk to your own nightstand and thoroughly smudge the piece of furniture. Carefully blow some of the smudge smoke into the drawers. 
  3. Next, walk to your partner's nightstand and do the same. 
  4. Proceed to smudge the headboard and the space about 3-4 feet above the pillows. 
  5. Smudge the foot of your bed and the 3-4 feet of space that extends past the length of the bed. 
  6. Smudge the space under your bed. Blow the smudge smoke to envelop the space entirely. 
  7. Once your bedroom is smudged, you may continue to do the same with the rest of your home. 
  8. Finally, you must smudge your physical and energetic body. Starting with your feet, allow the smoke to envelop your legs, torso, arms, shoulders, and head. Sit or lay down and smudge the energetic space that is 3 feet "below" your feet and the 3 feet above your head. 
  9. Once completed, dispose of the ashes in the following manner:
    • If attracting a new love or new desirable conditions, bury or scatter in your front yard.
    • If wanting to maintain or stabilize conditions, bury or scatter in your backyard. 



Legal Disclaimer: To comply with various merchant agreements, this product is sold as a curio only. 

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