Juniper Smudge - Quick Endings & New Beginnings


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Juniper and Juniper Berries have been used for centuries by Siberian shamans and Eastern European Witches to protect the home, offer blessings, and cast off evil. Our Juniper smudge sticks are hand-gathered and contain Juniper berries.

Juniper Smudge assists with parting ways with the past and opening new doors to the future. As it energetically cuts ties, it assists with banishing all that is no longer needed. Juniper welcomes new beginnings and can bring blessings into your life. Juniper is a very potent plant that changes residing energy to such an extent, that it opens new pathways for those that seek its guiding hand. It breaks down boundaries, old restrictions, and harmful thought patterns.

Juniper a robust, powerful plant that is low in smoke (compared to sage) and may take some time to fully light. The fragrance is quite strong and may linger for an extended period of time. Typically speaking, the longer the fragrance lingers, the more energetic work there has to be done.

Sold individually. Each Juniper smudge stick is approximately 4" long and is hand-crafted. Depending on the season when your smudge bundle is harvested, the Juniper will look a little different. Sometimes it is bright green with young leaves, other times it is dark-colored with lots of berries. As with all our products and our Old World Witchcraft practice, we work with the seasons and the Earth's local offerings.


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