Dark Moon Ritual Candle {Prepared}: Banish the Old & Clear Pathways for the New



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Information & Ritual Uses

The Dark Moon Ritual Candle is fully prepared and ready for immediate use. It is ritually handcrafted strictly under the Dark Moon influences and is therefore available in very limited quantities each month. The Dark Moon Candle is made with four interwoven candles, herbs, resins, and pure beeswax. The black exterior is based on an old Eastern European recipe of beeswax, cedar ash, and select Slavic herbs.

Available in very limited quantities each month. Please check the estimated ship date in the title of this item, as it changes weekly based on availability. 


When the Moon cannot be seen and is in the dark resting phase, it is called the Dark Moon in Old World Witchcraft. The Witch's Dark Moon is a night of stillness, contemplation, and banishment. The 24 hours before and after the Dark Moon is the most powerful time to release all that no longer serves you. This can be negative thoughts, unpleasant emotions, and anything unpleasant that recently impacted you. Holding on to these draining energies keeps you stuck in the same cycle of manifestation. Break the cycle!  In order to clear pathways for the new, we must first shed the old. 


The black exterior of the candle uproots the old, the interwoven interior creates pathways for the new.


The Dark Moon Ritual Candle has four wicks and is activated by lighting a single wick. Within minutes, the single flame will light the three surrounding wicks. As each wick burns, the blockages in your life begin to unravel. New pathways will be formed and a clear path will be laid out in front of you. A fresh start. A new beginning. 


Instruction for Use:

Important: The candle flame can get quite high. Please make sure there are no flammable surroundings.


On the night of the Dark Moon, prepare a fireproof and heat-resistant ritual surface. A candleholder is optional - see option #2 below.


Gently hold the Dark Moon Ritual Candle between the palms of your hands. Contemplate what has negatively impacted your life in recent weeks or months. Allow the black herbal exterior of the candle to absorb the recent negative impacts on your life - recent unexpected roadblocks, recent struggles, recent anxiety, recent bouts of self-sabotage, or powerlessness. 


Set up the candle on your ritual surface. There are two methods for doing so:


Option 1: Like all of our candles, this prepared Dark Moon Ritual Candle can be used without a candle holder, as it is able to stand upright with the help of a few beeswax drops from a single candle (available separately).  First, make sure you have a solid, leveled, fireproof, and heat-resistant surface. Light a single candle and drip about 6-10 drops of wax directly on the center of your fireproof ritual surface creating a small pool of wax in the center. Firmly stick the base of the candle directly into the pool of wax and hold it for about 10 seconds. The center quickly hardens, and the Dark Moon Ritual Candle will stand upright without any assistance.  Note: It may take you a couple of tries to get the hang of this. It’s alright, keep trying until it’s able to stand upright. Once you learn to use the standing method, it will become a permanent part of your ritual repertoire. If at a certain point you wish to use a candleholder instead, see option #2 below.


Option 2: If you would prefer to not use the standing method, the Dark Moon Ritual Candle can fit into a standard-size candleholder. Please note, each candle is handmade and the width slightly varies. If the candle holder is narrower than the candle, gently scrape the base of the candle to the necessary size. 


Choose a single wick to light. Within minutes, the single flame will light the three surrounding wicks. As each wick burns, the blockages in your life begin to unravel. New pathways will be formed and a clear path will be laid out in front of you. A fresh start. A new beginning. 


Place your hands on the ritual surface with the candle in between. The palms of your hands should face the candle.


Visualize the problems as thick sludge that is draining from your body and no longer being a part of you. Feel the candle absorbing and neutralizing this negativity. You may hear some hisses. Breathe through this and keep purging yourself this thick sludge. Feel yourself parting ways with all that no longer serves you. 


When the candle reaches past the halfway point of the burn, much of the black exterior will disappear. The negativity has now drained. At this point feel your body and your energy field are clean. 


Allow the candle to burn all the base. At this point, you may allow it to naturally self-extinguish in its own puddle of wax (recommended), or you may choose to snuff out the flame. 


Remnant Disposal: Once the remaining wax cools and hardens, scrape off the ritual surface and break it into small pieces. The remnant disposal for this ritual is very simple. Walk or drive to a different part of town, preferably passing over a river, stream, or creek. Throw the remnants into a dumpster, symbolizing forever parting with the broken and unwanted parts of your life. Don't look back, don't look over your shoulder. If possible, take a different route home. 




Legal Disclaimer: To comply with various merchant agreements, this product is sold as a curio only. 

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