Come to Me Love Spell: Attract a Specific Person or Reconcile Relationship



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Information & Ritual Uses

Old World Witchcraft love spell to attract and seduce a specific person through means of sex magick and intense energy work.

The Come to Me Love Spell is suitable for the following scenarios:

  • You have a specific person with whom you wish to start a relationship.
  • Your current lover is wavering their interest in you (also see Always on the Mind spell)
  • You wish to reconcile a broken relationship. 
    • Please note, once the relationship has ended, the sooner you do this love spell the better! Connections (e.g. energetic cords) weaken over time. If you do not have the biological material of an old flame, rethink this strategy altogether. Reconciliation spells with someone who has not been in your life for many years, especially without any biological material, have a statistically low success rate. 


Come to Me Love Spell includes:


All RootsHerbs, and Ritual Blends are packaged in thick glass 2 oz jars. The color, jar style, and closure may vary.


Ritual Instructions

You Will Need:

  • Printed photograph of the target. The eyes must be clearly visible. Ideally, this photo should be from the waist up. Photo size 5"x7" works well. Use plain printer paper, not glossy photo paper.
  • Pen
  • Lighter/matches
  • Fireproof surface, such as a thick metal or stone tray.
  • For faster results, obtain the target's biological material (hair, sexual fluid, etc.) If that is not yet possible or obtainable (yet!), perform the ritual without it.
    • If using your lover's biological material, you will also need tape.


Best Time To Perform This Ritual

This is a 6-night ritual, starting six days before the Full Moon, with the final ritual being on the Full Moon night.

Ideal ritual to perform while menstruating. This is the blood that can create a human being. The proteins that go into menstrual blood are the purest proteins a body can produce; this is the blood that can manifest just about anything.

If not menstruating (due to cycle, phase of life, or sex), do not worry - this ritual will work for you as well! Replace the blood with sexual fluids.

The ritual must be performed when you are positive that the target has already been asleep for a couple of hours. Unless your target is an insomniac, 3 AM is the ideal time to perform this ritual. The target's conscious and subconscious defenses are down, allowing your ritual to permeate deeply within their mind and energy field.

If performing the ritual while the target is asleep is absolutely not possible, perform the ritual at approximately the same time each day.


Ritual Instructions:

Find a quiet space and time where you will not be disturbed. Due to the nature of this ritual, the ideal location is your bedroom. As with all rituals, your altar surface must be fireproof.


Take a deep breath and allow your body and your mind to relax.


Breathe out stress, breathe in joy.

Breathe out worry, breathe in comfort.

Breathe out tension, breathe in serenity.


Step 1: On the target's photo, write their full name and date of birth. Write the statement below in the shape of a circle around the target:


"You desire me. You think about me. You dream about me. You are attracted to me. COME TO ME." 


Depending on the photo's size and handwriting, write this mantra as many times as space allows.


Step 2: If using biological material, attach it to the back of the photo and place the photo face up on the altar, facing you.


Step 3: Dust the photo with about 1/2 teaspoon of the Song of the Siren Ritual Blend, making sure you can still see the target's face - especially eyes.


Step 4: While looking into the target's eyes, roll a single Ritual Candle between the palms of your hands. Beeswax absorbs and expands energy, which is why we use pure beeswax candles for all rituals. Chant your mantra until the wax becomes very warm and a bit sticky.


Step 5: While the candle is still very warm, firmly roll the candle in the herbs right on top of the photo. The herbs must evenly adhere to the candle. Continue chanting your mantra.


Step 6: With power and authority, gaze into your desired lover's eyes and exclaim your mantra. Light the candle and drip about 3-4 drops of wax directly over the photo, creating a small pool of wax in the center. Ideally, this would be on the lover's chest in the photograph. Firmly stick the bottom of the candle directly into the warm pool of wax and hold it very still for about 5 seconds. The center quickly hardens, and the candle will stand upright without any assistance.


Step 7: Position yourself so that you can look through the exterior of the flame directly into the lover's eyes. Your gaze should soften and become out of focus. Your senses of sight and sound will drown out for just a few seconds. Consciously attempt to make a telepathic connection between their energy field and yours. Often imagining and "seeing" your energy spread into their energy field, similar to thick coastal fog, works wonderfully. As you stare through the flame and into your lover's eyes, begin masturbating while thinking of your lover. Imagine having sex with them, performing oral sex on you, whatever does it for you, and makes you feel loved while enjoying passionate sex. The more natural this feels to you, the more energy will be radiated from you and into your lover's energy field. This is intense work; you cannot let your mind wander.


As soon as you are on the brink of orgasm, look directly into your target's eyes and, with great authority, exclaim your mantra as you climax. Using your finger, dab a few drops of your sexual fluids or menstrual blood directly on the photo and on the base of the candle.

Step 8: Sit quietly in meditation for a few minutes. Feel the serenity and joy of knowing that the work is complete and the energy is currently penetrating your lover. More often than not, the candles will extinguish themselves in their own puddle of wax. Pay close attention and do not let the candles accidentally catch the photo on fire. Stay put the remainder of the burn. Light your chosen smudge bundle from the flame of the candle. Smudge your body and your bedroom. Pay close attention to both sides of the bed, both nightstands, the head and foot of the bed, your bedroom windows, and the bedroom door.


Step 9:  The following night, you will need to create a new candle. The new candle should be placed directly on top of the same photo and the remnants of wax/herbs from the previous night's ritual. You will need to repeat this ritual for five more nights, restarting from Step 3.


Step 10: Remnants

For best results, divide the remnants into two parts. Bury half in your front yard. The second part bury or scatter on your target's property.


Alternatively, you may bury the entirety of your remnants in your front yard. If you are a city-dweller, you may bury it at the base of a healthy indoor plant.


What to Expect:

Although most Witches will begin to see the results following the Full Moon night of the ritual (especially those who use biological material!), allow one complete Moon cycle to evaluate results properly. The ritual can be repeated the following month or on an as-needed basis.


Legal Disclaimer: To comply with various merchant agreements, this product is sold as a curio only. 

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