Break & Reverse Ritual Set: Banish Harmful Energies and Return to Sender



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Information & Ritual Uses

Old World Witchcraft ritual for removing curses, negativity that has been placed on you, and the evil eye. This ritual breaks the harmful energy current and reverses the negativity, which is then reflected back to the sender. 


Break & Reverse Ritual includes:

All RootsHerbs, and Ritual Blends are packaged in thick glass 2 oz jars. The color, jar style, and closure may vary.

Ritual Instructions

You Will Need:

    • If you do not know who has wished you harm, use a blank sheet of paper.

This is a 3-night ritual: The final night of this ritual must correspond with the Dark Moon.  

Step 1 - First Night: Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Allow your mind and body to relax. Affirm to yourself that you are now banishing and permanently removing the negativity that has been placed on you. 

If you know the name of the person who is working against you, write the person's name on the back of their photograph along with:

"{name} your own negativity now returns to you. The pain you caused is now yours and yours alone."

If you do not know the person's name, on a blank piece of paper, write:

"All those that work against me, your own negativity now returns to you. The pain you caused is now yours and yours alone."


Step 2: Place the photograph or piece of paper on a fireproof surface. Roll a single Ritual Candle across their photograph, allowing the beeswax to pick up the energy of the offender. Dust the candle with 1/4 teaspoon each of Slippery Elm Powder, Wormwood Powder, and Agrimony Powder, allowing the excess to remain on the photograph. 

Step 3: With great power and authority, exclaim your written statement. While holding the Ritual Candle, light it and angle the candle at a 45-degree angle over the photo. Drip a small pool of wax in the center of the paper/photograph (3-4 drops of wax will do). Firmly stick the candle directly into the pool of wax and hold it for about 5 seconds until the center hardens just a bit and the candle is standing upright without any assistance.

Step 4: Allow the candle to burn all the way down. If the flame catches the photo/paper on fire, allow the flame to consume it. It is a good sign. If the flame extinguishes itself before destroying the photo/paper, relight the photo and burn it to ash. 

Step 5 - Second Night: Repeat the above steps, including creating a new photograph or piece of paper.

Step 6 - Third Night (Dark Moon): Repeat the above steps, including creating a new photograph or piece of paper.


Step 7: From the flame of the candle, light the Cedar Smudge Bundle. Holding the fireproof bowl with one hand and the Cedar Smudge Bundle in the other, smudge your body and living area. Collect the ashes in the small bowl (you will need them later). Walk counterclockwise around your private space, allowing the rich Cedar smoke to gently envelop each corner of your home. Pay special attention to mirrors, windows, doors, and all reflective surfaces. Carefully move the smoking Cedar slowly over your body (do not let it touch your body or your clothes), letting the soft smoke envelop you. Make sure to smudge the bottoms of your feet and the space about 5-10 inches above your head. 

Step 8: Gather all the remnants (ashes from 3 nightly photos, leftover wax, and Cedar Smudge ashes) inside a small paper bag. Head out to your nearby cemetery. Empty the remnants bag inside the cemetery gates. The contents should be loosely dispersed and unnoticeable to the naked eye. Thank the residing spirits and leave a couple of coins, pieces of candy, or a small offering of wine (or brandy) at the cemetery gates. This pleases the gatekeeping spirits and makes sure nothing follows your home. Do not bring the (now empty) remnant paper bag back home. Instead, dispose of it through ordinary means on your way home. 

Immediately Upon Returning Home: 

Open all the windows in your home and allow any remaining Cedar Smudge smoke to escape. Next, draw a hot bath with 1/2 cup of sea salt and 1 teaspoon of Agrimony Powder. Bathe in this mixture for at least 5 minutes, making sure to cover your entire body, including dunking your head underwater.  

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