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Information & Ritual Uses

When a new or longtime lover suddenly goes silent, use this love spell to swiftly renew their interest in you. Can also be used to sweeten your lover for more intimate pillow talk.

This Always On Their Mind Love Spell can be a powerful addition to the Devotion Love Spell or the Come to Me Love Spell.


Always on Their Mind Love Spell includes:

Ritual Instructions

You Will Need:


When to Perform:

  • This communication ritual is most effective when performing during the Waxing Moon, between the Witch's New Moon and the Full Moon. You may begin this ritual on the night of the Witch's New Moon.
  • For best results, perform when your target is likely asleep. Their conscious defenses will be down, allowing your ritual energies to permeate their subconscious quickly. ​​

Length of Ritual

  • For those who have recently been in contact with the target, this ritual will only need to be performed once or twice to obtain results.
  • For those wishing to make contact with an estranged lover, up to 6 consecutive nights of ritual repetition is recommended. ​After the six nights, allow one full moon cycle (29 days) to see results. 


​Find a quiet, darkened space and time where you will not be disturbed. As with all rituals, your altar surface must be fireproof. Due to the nature of this ritual, the bedroom is the ideal place to set up your ritual space. Set all materials within close reach. You should be able to reach everything while remaining seated. 
Take a deep breath and allow your body and your mind to relax. Hold the target's photograph between the palms of your hands. In your mind's eye, visualize the target in their current circumstances and surroundings.

Affirm to yourself the exact intention you are setting, such as:

"{target's name} I am always on your mind. You think of me day and night.."

"{target's name} you miss me and are eagerly reaching out to me."

"{target's name} we have open communication, and you freely express your true feelings to me." 

Step 1: Holding the target's photograph, write their full name and date of birth on the top and bottom of the photograph. As you do so, look into the target's eyes. Consciously try to form a telepathic link between their energy field and yours.​

Step 2: Begin chanting your mantra. As you do, write the below statement on the photograph over and over again until you run out of room:







If this statement does not resonate with you or your situation, compose your own mantra that is more relevant or appropriate.  

Step 3: Pick up one ritual candle and slowly roll it between the palms of your hands. Beeswax absorbs energy exceptionally well. The more energy you put into the candle, the more power you will receive from this ritual. Imagine at this very moment receiving a loving call, text message, or email from your target. Really feel that the target has already reached out. If your goal is to have more heartfelt communication with your target, imagine the conversation exactly as you wish for it to happen. Feel the calmness and the joy, knowing your target is openly and lovingly communicating with you. Allow this energy to permeate through your body, down to your hands, and into the candle. Feel the peace of the moment. 
Sit in this energetic harmony for as long as you feel comfortable. You will have an inner knowing when it is time to proceed to the next step.
Step 4: Tape the biological material to the middle of the photograph while chanting your mantra.

Step 5: Place the candle on top of the target's photo, slowly rolling the candle back and forth across the image. This allows the beeswax to pick up the energies of the target. Beeswax absorbs and expands energies. Do not skip this step.
Step 6: Dust the ritual candle with 1/2 teaspoon of  Mugwort Powder and 1/2 teaspoon of the Song of the Siren Ritual Blend. 
Step 7: Hold the ritual candle with one hand and light with the other, all while chanting your mantra. Create the mental and emotional energy of your target reaching out to you. Calling you. Texting you. Emailing you. Imagine your face etched on your target's brain. Consciously make a telepathic connection between their energy field and yours.
Step 8: Hold the candle at a 45-degree angle and start dripping the wax over your target's image. As you do so, continue chanting your ritual mantra. Drip a couple of drops right in the center of the photo, preferably where the body of the target is (heart area). Holding the base of the candle, place it in the center of the pool of wax, and apply firm pressure to hold the candle upright. Once the pool of wax has cooled (about 10-20 seconds), the candle will stand upright on its own without any support.
Note: It may take you a few attempts to get the hang of this holder-less method, but once you do, it will forever be in your ritual repertoire. 
Step 9: Stare into the flame for a couple of minutes as you continue chanting your ritual mantra. Sit in meditation. Feel the serenity and joy of knowing that the work is done and the energy is currently penetrating your target. 
Step 10: As the candle burns, light the Lavender Smudge Bundle from the flame of the candle. Allow the smoke to envelop your entire body, paying special attention to the top of your head and at the base of your spine. Next, smudge your bedroom, especially the four corners of the bed, both nightstands, and all windows, doors, mirrors, and reflective surfaces in the bedroom. When finished, firmly press the lit side of the smudge into a fireproof surface to extinguish. 

The ritual candle will burn for between 20-45 minutes. The burn varies greatly based on the temperature in the room, any possible drafts, the amount of herbs used, and your emitted energy.

If the candle prematurely extinguishes itself in its own pool of wax, take it as a sign that the ritual must be repeated up to 6 consecutive nights. Repeat the ritual the following night, re-using the same wax-dripped photo, starting at Step 6. 

If the flame of the candle catches the photo on fire and consumes it, take it as a sign that the energies successfully permeated. Nonetheless, if your target is estranged, repeat for up to 6 consecutive nights restarting from Step 3. 

Ritual Remnant Disposal: Grind or finely chop the ritual remnants into a powder. The remnants should then be disposed of in one of the following three ways:

  • Method 1: Divide the remnants in half. Inconspicuously scatter one half on the target’s property. For example, you may drive or walk by their home in the middle of the night and quickly scatter the remnants in the front yard. If door cameras are present, you will need to conceal yourself to remain unrecognizable. The other half of the remnants should then be placed at your front door.


  • Method 2: Put the finely ground ritual remnants into a generic greeting card, then place inside an envelope with the seam of the card in the bottom. Without using a return address, mail the remnants to your target. The target will likely open the greeting card while inside their home and come into direct contact with your ritual remnants. This is a direct form of contact magick and quickly permeates the target’s energy field.


  • Method 3: The top two methods are the most potent. If impossible to accomplish, choose this method as a last resort. Holding the ashes from the ritual in your right hand, go outside and face the approximate direction of your target. State your mantra once more and blow the ashes. This will rapidly send the energy towards your target.  

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