What is Old World Witchcraft​Old World Witchcraft is the esoteric practices of European village elders. Wise women (and men!) secretly performing powerful rituals utilizing wild-harvested herbs, roots, crafted ritual blends, and pure beeswax Old World Ritual Candles. Of course, we have expanded and elaborated on their magickal practices, but the core has remained the same. We are honored to share with you the Craft of the Old Ways.

Our intention is not to perfectly replicate the practices of our Central and European ancestors, but rather to bring their many ritualistic practices to light. Although we use traditional Central and Eastern European Witchcraft supplies, we do not make claims regarding the historical accuracy of Old World Witchcraft. Nor do we go out of our way to educate those about the history of this vast and extremely controversial subject. After all, women were kept illiterate for the greater part of the last millennium; therefore, most historical information is written (haphazardly) by men. Many of which never even practiced this old style of countryside Witchcraft! Most information regarding Witchcraft has been passed down through oral traditions, folklore, secretly shared rituals, and sacred wisdom.

There is nothing to "convert" to or into. You are more than welcome to keep your religion, path, and ideology. Old World Witchcraft is a personal experience and a private practice. Just like all things in nature, it will blossom, change, shed, regrow, and expand throughout your life.

Instead of focusing on lineage or "authenticity", we encourage you to develop a unique personal practice that works for you. Your private practice does not need to coincide with any other tradition, another person, or any spiritual path.

Old World Witchcraft, by its very nature, is operative and results-oriented. It has stood the test of time for a reason; it works. Its ability to manifest measurable results is the reason for its continued presence in the world. Our goal is to provide you with variations of Old World Witchcraft rituals that will create measurable positive change in your life. Weave your own traditions, listen to the whispers of your ancestors, and allow yourself to discover a new life path. ​

An Old World Witch does not bother with silly little things like initiations, head-priestesses, or covens. We simply want to do our rituals, obtain measurable results, and move on with our lives. Magick is a part of our routine, everyday life. And we can show you how you can do the same!

By removing the unattainable and overly complicated misconceptions regarding Witchcraft, magick, and the occult, we show you precisely how to work within the cycles of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun to masterfully alter all of life's circumstances. As you understand your place in this world and its flora & fauna, you realize that you too are a force of nature. This is the shortest, most intense, and direct route to understanding your own power.

We're not here to teach you wishful thinking. We're not here to teach you a new age religion. We're not here to tell you to 'get happy,' and everything will just fall on your lap. We're not here to feel sorry for you. And we're certainly not here to tell you to 'coddle your inner child.'

We don't believe in dogma, we don't believe in judgments, and we certainly don't believe in the Wiccan Rede - or any other new age "laws" for that matter.

We believe in you. We believe making peace with the outside world begins from within. We believe by learning to love and appreciate ourselves, we experience the world differently. We believe in making our own rules and following our own inner voice. We believe in boundless free will. And most importantly, we believe in magick.

Old World Witchcraft is not for those who are seeking a guide book to life. It is for those who make their own rules and do not require permission from the external world. Those who follow their own inner voice, yet listen to the whispers in the wind. This is the secret power of the Old World Witch.

Through guided step-by-step rituals and one-on-one support, we can show you how to put energetic principles of natural magick to physical work and achieve a beautiful life. By following our simple, easy to follow foundation, almost anyone can harness the magickal forces that create worlds and use them to their own advantage.

This website is not intended to convince you or anyone to practice Witchcraft. This path is not for everyone, and it is often a path of the hermit. Witchcraft is not defined by black clothing, occult jewelry, or the macabre. Witchcraft is an intellectual pursuit - requiring time, effort, and dedication. We hold the intention of reaching people who seek an alternative change in their lives. Those who are not afraid of the mysterious and the sometimes "forbidden."

There are no initiations. There are no rules. There are no covens. And there are no gurus. We embrace the spirit of free inquiry and celebrate the forbidden as a declaration of our spiritual and personal independence.