Old World Witchcraft Office
The Old World Witchcraft workshop and office is located in the Portland, Oregon. ​Although the physical Old World Witchcraft store is currently not open to the general public, it can be virtually visited by browsing The Witch's Shop. Wherever you are in the world, we are happy to advise you personally on Witchcraft products and ritual matters. 

OldWorldWitchcraft.com was founded in 2013 by Dacha Avelin, out of pure love for Eastern and Central European Witchcraft. The hidden practices of the village Witches, secretly performing powerful rituals utilizing wild-harvested herbs, roots, crafted ritual blends, and pure beeswax ritual candles. Of course, we have expanded and elaborated on their secret practices, but the core has remained the same. And we are honored to share the craft of the Old Ways.

When we first began, European, specifically Eastern European Witchcraft, was nowhere to be found in North America. We desired to share powerful methods of European Witchcraft with those seeking to experience real magick - those who are eagerly wanting to explore Witchcraft and are genuinely seeking this type of alternative spirituality.

Initially, OldWorldWitchcraft.com was started as a blog. As a way to share an alternative practice and perspective with those not interested in censored (and ineffective) new age Witchcraft. Over the years, we launched a Witchcraft product line, which dramatically expanded this website and its following. We are proud to be a knowledge base and supplier for Witches worldwide.

All Old World Witchcraft products are crafted using only certified organic and responsibly wild-harvested plants, roots, and resins. Just as plants have medicinal attributes and chemical compounds, they too have energetic compounds. Internally used, herbs used can heal the sick, poison the enemies, support a peaceful night's sleep, or even help a nursing mother produce more milk. Magickally used, herbs can bring about success, deprive the life source of enemies (through curses), eliminate draining energies, and even enhance romantic relationships.

The importance of buying organic, or better yet, wild-harvested, magickal herbs should not be underestimated. Just as pesticides and harmful chemicals deteriorate the integrity of grown food, they too deteriorate the energetic content of magickal plants. We're committed to helping you reach spellwork success, which is why we have scoured the Earth for the very best organic and responsibly wild-harvested herbs, roots, and resins.

To learn how to use Old World Witchcraft products, simply browse products in The Witch's Shop, where you will find detailed step-by-step ritual instructions and information.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel welcome to contact us for assistance. We would be happy to help you find a product and ritual to best suit you and your situation.


Disclaimer: As required by various merchant agreements, we hereby provide a legal disclaimer that all products are sold as a curio only and that OldWorldWitchcraft.com does not make any representations or guarantees regarding all products and all services displayed and sold on this website. We do not provide medical or psychiatric advice. No guarantees are made regarding the outcomes or experiences of using our produces and services.