Resistance Release Ritual Kit: Open Congested Pathways & Get Unstuck


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Use the Resistance Release Ritual when your life calls upon sudden endings in order to open a path for new beginnings. Ideally used when it feels as though you are stuck in an undesirable situation or a negative thought pattern. 


This Ritual Kit includes:


Resistance Release Ritual Instructions

If your life needs a little push, use the power of the Dark Moon to cause a drastic change in your life. If you are feeling overwhelmed and are ready for the turning of a page, follow the Resistance Release Ritual as described below.


Best time to perform:

During the Dark Moon. Any time of day.


In addition to this Ritual Kit, you will need:
  • 5"x5" square piece of paper
  • Black pen
  • Matches
  • Fireproof surface (large stone tray, baking sheet, etc.)

Step 1: Before starting the ritual, combine 1/4 teaspoon of the Sacred Power Ritual Blend with 1/2 teaspoon of the Banishing Ritual Blend. The measurements do not have to be exact, but please be mindful to keep the same ratio. 


Step 2: On the square piece of paper, write the following:

"I now release all that no longer serves my highest good. I now close the doors to _______. I now release all resistance to positive change."

In the blank, write what you are consciously willing to let go of. This can be dysfunctional relationships, a dead-end career, depression, etc. 


Step 3: Place this square paper in the middle of our fireproof surface. 


Step 4: Grab the five ritual candles between the palms of your hands and slowly roll them back and forth. Chant your written statement and allow the beeswax to absorb the correlating energies. 


Step 5: When the beeswax softens from the warmth of your hands, dust the five candles with the combined Ritual Blends are described in Step 1. Once evenly dusted, create a candle braid: Gather the five Ritual Candles in your hand, making sure they are lined up evenly. While holding both ends of the candles, gently begin to twist in opposite directions. The motion is similar to wringing out wet laundry. The candles' bottom (or legs) should then be untwisted for the last 1/2-1 inch of the candles. Spread each of the five candle legs in 5 different directions. This creates a self-contained base and quickly disperses energies. 


Step 6: Place the candle braid on top of your paper square. With power and confidence, exclaim your written statement and light the candles. As the flames of the candles dance, set your gaze at the space right above the flame. Allow your gaze to soften and become out of focus. Chant your statement 5 times. Visualize the old raggedy doors to the unwanted closing, and you happily walking away from them.


Step 7: Visualize a wall of brightly radiating open doors. Each door is enticing you to enter. Each and every door is perfectly suited for you. There is no wrong choice, as each door will lead you to an amazing experience. Energetically feel each door, knowing with all your heart that you cannot make the wrong choice. There is no right or wrong, as they will all lead to beautiful experiences. Choose your visualized door, and walk through. Sit in meditation and get into the emotional feeling space of all events, people, and places perfectly lining up for you. 


Step 8: Allow the candle to burn down: 

  • If the flame catches the paper on fire, take it as a good sign that the closing of the old door(s) will be abrupt, and there is no physical action that will be required of you. Your proverbial falling Tower will self-collapse, and you are already en route to a better life experience. 
  • If the candles do not light the paper on fire, or they prematurely self-extinguish in their own pool of wax, know that you will need to put some leg work into closing these old doors. This often occurs when the desired 'closing of the doors' is indeed a physical task, such as leaving an old town to move to a new town. After all, the boxes aren't going to pack themselves. 

Ritual remnant disposal: Chop the remnants (wax, ash, etc.) into fine bits and throw them into an intersection. As the spirit of others passes through the ritual remnants, the energies are dispersed, and the world will begin to rearrange itself to suit your demands. 

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