Smokeless "Smudge" Kit for Dark Moon Rituals, Banishing & Cleansing



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Information & Ritual Uses

Many of you have been inquiring about smoke-free smudging options. Whether it's due to allergies or ritual secrecy concerns, this nearly smokeless smudging method is a highly effective alternative to Cedar or Juniper smudge bundles. 

The combination of Agrimony Powder and Wormwood Powder illuminates and cleanses all surroundings. Ideal for cleansing the home, your physical, and your energetic body. This nearly smokeless method of cleansing will be very satisfying under the influences of the Dark Moon. 

This Smudge Kit includes:



Simply take one Old World Ritual Candle and warm it by rolling between the palms of your hands. Once the candle is warm, dust the candle with 1/2 teaspoon each of Agrimony Powder and Wormwood Powder. Light the candle and walk through your home, moving the light into the dark corners of the house. Illuminate all reflective surfaces, including windows. Notice if (or when) the candle hisses or pops - this often indicates an energetic presence. 

If black smoke appears, a more thorough energetic cleansing must be done, followed by a spiritual protection ritual for the home

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