Old Norse Guardian Ritual Set: Guardian Spirit Protection for the Home

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Information & Ritual Uses

Utilizing the Old Norse Rotas Sigil for Protection, this powerful ritual assists with protecting the home, as well as everyone who lives under its roof. This ritual has been adapted for the Old World Witchcraft practice. Suitable for spiritual protection and to keep ill-wishers away from the residence. This ritual establishes spiritual guardianship over the home and creates an energetic shield of protection. 

This Old Norse Guardian Ritual Set includes:


In addition to this Ritual Kit, you will need:

  • Fireproof ritual surface, such as a metal or stone tray.
  • Pen/pencil
  • 4" x 4" square piece of paper
  • Lighter/matches


Ritual Instructions

The ritual must be performed on the Witch's New Moon - approximately three after days after the Dark Moon.

Find a space where you will not be disturbed for at least 45 minutes. If possible or practical, perform this ritual in the center of your home or in front of a fireplace. 

​Take a deep breath and allow your body and your mind to relax.


Breathe out stress, breathe in joy.

Breathe out worry, breathe in comfort. 

Breathe out tension, breathe in serenity. ​​


Step 1: Draw the Rotas Sigil as shown below. The drawing does not need to be perfect. The energy you are drawing is more important than the curvature of the lines.


Step 2: On the back of the sigil, write an affirmative ritual statement, such as:


"This home is now protected. We are guarded against all negativity and all ill-wishers. Only health, love, and prosperity enter through these doors. Only well-meaning people and kind hearts are welcome. Our protective shield is up. We are defended by the guardian spirits of this home. We are protected. We are safe. And all is well." 


Step 3: Lay down 4 Ritual Candles directly on top of the sigil. Using the palm of your right hand, roll the candles back and forth over the sigil. ​Pure beeswax absorbs and expands energy incredibly well. The heat from the palm of your hand and the friction between the candles and the sigil will facilitate the mending of the energies. The sigil will be absorbed the candles, specifically to be released into the energetic realm through the use of fire. 


Step 4: ​Once the beeswax Ritual Candles are warm from the heat of your hands, dust the candles (on top of the sigil) with approximately one teaspoon of the Viking Ritual Blend.

Gently roll the candles to evenly distribute the Ritual Blend. 


Step 5: Create a Candle Braid: Gather the four herb-dusted Ritual Candles in your hand, make sure they are lined up evenly. While holding the bottom of the candles, begin to gently twist start from the top. The motion is similar to wringing out wet laundry—fists twisting in opposite directions. The bottoms (or legs) of the candles should then be untwisted for the last one inch of the candles. Spread each of the candle legs to 4 opposing sides, forming a self-contained base. ​​​


Step 6: ​​Place the Candle Braid directly on the center point of the sigil, with the opposing spread legs of the candle holding it in place. 


Step 7: As you light the candles, recite the affirmative ritual statement you wrote on the back of the sigil. It does not need to be word for word, but the general idea and energy behind it must remain the same. 


Step 8: While looking through the flame of the candles, allow your gaze to soften and become out of focus. Visualize (or see with your third eye) ripples of energy emanating from the sigil and slowly spreading through your entire home and property. See the trees and shrubs on your property responding to these energetic ripples of protection. Flora and fauna around your home are now the gatekeepers and guardians. Filtering out the unwanted, only allowing in the desired.


Step 9: ​While the candles burn, light the Juniper Smudge Bundle from the flame of your candles. Circling clockwise, envelop every corner, doorway, window, and mirrored surface with the smoke. This releases stagnant energies and activates the sigil throughout every area of your home. 


Step 10: Allow the candle to burn all the way down to the sigil. It is crucial not to manipulate or try to alter the burning process to receive one kind of outcome or the other. Allow natural forces to take their course. 


If the flame catches the sigil on fire and consumes it, allow it to burn all the way down. Divide the remnants of the ashes into the number of entrances to your home (including the garage). 


If the flame extinguishes itself in its own pool of wax, allow the wax to harden on the sigil. Place underneath your doormat for 29 nights, which will complete one Moon cycle. On the 29th night, divide the remnants of the ashes into the number of entrances to your home (including the garage). 


Bury, dust, or scatter the ritual remnants at each home entrance. They may be put under a doormat, buried at the base of a healthy plant (potted or in the ground), or simply scattered across the driveway threshold. 


Your home is now protected by Guardian Spirits.


For ongoing Guardian Spirit protection, repeat this ritual on the Summer Solstice, the Autumn Equinox, the Winter Solstice, and the Spring Equinox. A gift of red wine placed in your ritual space or at your fireplace would be a welcomed offering to the Guardian Spirits. 


Note: As with all protection rituals, this should not be a substitute for practical safety measures, physical self-defense, or calling the police. 



Legal Disclaimer: To comply with various merchant agreements, this product is sold as a curio only. 

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