Solstice: Celebrate Light & Honor the Wisdom of the Shadows

The Solstice is now upon us. 

We celebrate light and honor the wisdom of the shadows. In connecting with the natural world in a way that honors the sacred immanence in all things, we establish a resonance with the seasons. 


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the darkness as it is in its fullest influence. The once fertile forests are now bare and awaiting their rebirth. The surrounding shadows are whispering of our natural-born powers. Sharing with us the knowledge of a convergent awakening.


After the longest night, tomorrow we sing up the dawn. There is a rejoicing that, even in the darkest time, the sun is not vanquished. As of tomorrow, the days begin to get longer as the light of day grows. While the gentle winter sun slowly opens its eyes, let us all bring more light and compassion into the world. 


Whether your days are now growing in the Northern Hemisphere or receding in the Southern Hemisphere, this special day holds significance in finding balance in your cycle of life. This means exploring your light and learning to celebrate your darkness.


The next 48 hours will be truly profound. 


To end this (unpleasantly) memorable year, we have created two new limited smudge bundles to help overcome the trauma of 2020 and to welcome new blessings of a kinder 2021.

Both smudge bundles are now on sale for $4.21 each.


Rosemary & White Sage Smudge Bundle: This combination of stabilizing Rosemary synchronizes wonderfully with White Sage for energy balancing within the home. Clears old trauma, calms erratic energy, and assists with manifesting future peaceful events. Opens pathways for new possibilities.

Designed to be burned on New Year's Eve. Light the smudge, preferably from the flame of an ambient or meditative candle. Walk clockwise through your home, consciously and emotionally letting go of the traumas of 2020. Open all windows in your home (even if for only 5 minutes), and walk clockwise through your home once again. This time, audibly exclaim your desires for the coming year. Finally, smudge your physical and non-physical body, which includes the 3 feet below your feet' soles (you will need to sit or lay) and the 3 feet above your head. Scatter the ashes of the smudge remnants outside your front door or on the sidewalk. Orders yours here.


Pine Smudge Bundle to form spiritual protection in the coming year and welcome blessings of 2021. 

Similar to the properties of the Juniper Smudge, this limited release Pine Smudge carries energies of protection and wards against negativity. Ideal for building a long-lasting energetic "suit of armor" around the home and family. Deflects negativity while welcoming blessings in the coming year.

Designed to be burned on New Year's Day. While standing at your front door, looking out towards the street, light the Pine Smudge. Affirm aloud that you are protecting your home and family. You may choose to invite the spirits of your deceased ancestors to help guard your home. Walk clockwise around the exterior of your home, thoroughly smudging every side door and window. If upstairs windows are present, gently blow the smoke in an upward motion towards the windows. Finishing back at your front door, allow the smoke to envelop the exterior of the door. Open the door, and gently blow the smoke inside and on the door's threshold. Finally, smudge your physical and non-physical body, which includes the 3 feet below your feet' soles (you will need to sit or lay) and the 3 feet above your head. Scatter the ashes under your doormat. Order yours here.


In the coming days, the 2021 Witch's Moon Calendar will be published on the Old World Witchcraft website. I will notify you as soon as it is live. In addition, a 2021 Retrograde Calendar will also be available in the coming weeks.

Until then, I am wishing you a joyous and magickal Solstice! Let's do our part to take care of each other and bring more warmth into this world.

Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin and the Old World Witchcraft Team

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