September 2021 Astrological Influences & Ritual Recommendations

Hello Dear Friends & fellow Witches, 

Autumn is almost here. Can you feel it? Magick is in the air... 

And so we begin. 


September 6th, 2021 5:51pm PST / 8:51pm ETS / September 7th, 1:51am UTC: As the moon disappears from the night sky, we experience the Dark Moon in Virgo. It is a time for stillness, contemplation, and banishment. The Virgo Dark Moon turns a spotlight on the physical body and the perception of chaos. Virgo energies will stretch and exaggerate all possible scenarios to any situation. Before jumping to conclusions on this day - and for the next 48 hours - try to think objectively about the situation at hand. Perhaps things aren't quite as bad as they seem to be. Perhaps people aren't actually trying to hurt you as you. Perhaps, just perhaps, the problem will quickly resolve itself. 

If you are in North America, perform your Banishing Rituals on the night of September 6th. If you are in Europe and Asia, you may choose September 6th or September 7th for your Banishing Rituals. View all Dark Moon rituals.

Earth and Water signs will feel a strong desire to clean the home and discard all that is worn out. If you want a simple and nearly smokeless ritual to cleanse your home, I suggest using a combination of Agrimony Powder and Wormwood Powder to illuminate and cleanse (now available as a set). This nearly smokeless method of cleansing will be very satisfying under the influences of the Virgo Dark Moon. 
Take one Ritual Candle and warm it by rolling between the palms of your hands. Once the candle is warm, dust the candle with 1/2 teaspoon each of Agrimony Powder and Wormwood Powder. Light the candle and walk through your home, moving the light into the dark corners of the house. Illuminate all reflective surfaces, including windows. Notice if (or when) the candle hisses or pops - this often indicates an energetic presence.  If persistent black smoke appears, a more thorough energetic cleansing must be done, followed by a spiritual protection ritual for the home such as the Old Norse Guardian Protection Ritual.

Discard the remnants through conventional means or by burying them in nature (all Old World Witchcraft products are 100% biodegradable - please don't do this with any paraffin products). 


September 6th, 2021: Mercury pre-shadow begins. Time to review upcoming important dates and urgent tasks. Projects may begin to stall as soon as today. Double-check travel itineraries, financial paperwork, due dates, inventory levels, and anything that may be critical for your job. 

I know many of you actively work to prevent Mercury Retrograde disruptions and maladies. If this is you, begin Protocol 1 of the Mercury Retrograde Relief ritual today. Alternatively, you may begin Protocol 3 at some point between today - September 25th. 

Learn more about Mercury Retrograde 2021 here.


September 9th, 2021: As soon as you see the first sliver of the moon, know that the Witch's New Moon is upon you. Note: Based on your location, some will see the first crescent of the Witch's New Moon as early as September 8th. The Witch's New Moon is the ideal time to plant new seeds of manifestation or initiate long-term investments. Both September 8th and 9th are ideal for the Path Opening Ritual to release resistance, get unstuck from a current situation or problem, and find a path forward.

View all Witch's New Moon rituals.


September 10th, 2021: Venus enters Scorpio, and sexual desire rapidly intensifies. Under this influence, lasting until October 7th, many become consumed by relationships and affairs. Ultimatums or 'all or nothing' demands loudly make themselves known - often without warning.

If you are planning a ritual involving the influence of another, specifically love magick for devotion or attracting a specific person to you, try your best to conduct it between September 14th - 20th.   

Recommended: Always On Their Mind Ritual


September 14th, 2021: Mars enters Libra, which tends to make people passive-aggressive and indecisive. Fire signs, prepare to be annoyed... just something to keep in mind until October 30th.


September 20th, 2021 4:54pm PST / 7:54pm EST / September 21st, 2021 0:54 UTC: Full Moon in Pisces heightens psychic senses and amplifies emotions. This influence makes it ideal for revealing the truth about people - particularly their thoughts, feelings, and intentions. 

Oracle Ritual Blend can be used to read a person's thoughts and intentions. Use the divination method outlined below to access their energy field of information:

Divination Method to Uncover Truth
You will need: 
- Photograph of the person in question
- Pen
- Matches
- Fireproof surface
On the back of the person's photograph, write precisely what you wish to know, such as: 
"{name} tell and show me now why/how/etc. you are.... feeling/doing/etc.".
While looking at the person's eyes, roll a Ritual Candle between the palms of your hand. Allow the beeswax to absorb and expand the energy of your request. Once the beeswax is warm from the palms of your hands, dust the Ritual Candle with 1/2 teaspoon of the Oracle Ritual Blend. Firmly roll the blend-dusted candle over the photo, allowing the herbs to press into the warmed wax.
With great power and authority, exclaim your written statement while looking into the target's eyes. While holding the Ritual Candle in one hand, light it and hold it at a 45-degree angle over the center of the photograph. Create a small pool of wax in the center of the photograph (3-4 drops of wax will do). Push the base of the Ritual Candle directly into the warm pool of wax and hold it still for about 5 seconds until the center hardens just a bit, and the candle is standing upright without any assistance.
​Gaze through the flame of the candle into the person's eyes. Your gaze should soften and become out of focus. Pay attention to the images, sounds, emotions, and messages that enter your mind's eye. Do not filter the messages; allow everything to come to you while you gaze into their eyes. ​​
Answers will come through as thoughts, smells, and sounds entering your mind. However, physical signs may also occur depending on the person and the circumstances, such as doors opening or closing by themselves, a cold or warm gust coming out of nowhere, a sensation of being hugged, etc.
Those new (or mentally blocked) to telepathy or channeling will experience insightful dreams and out-of-the-ordinary serendipities. 


September 22nd, 2021: With the Sun entering Libra and the Equinox occurring today, the mentality and desire 'for the common good' washes over us - even if only temporarily. Now is a time when most of our desires and ambitions are centered around complementary energies. As the ego naturally puts itself on the backburner, we instinctively want to nurture others and focus on the good of all. The autumnal characteristics of a cozy home and warm meals with loved ones perfectly embody the next four weeks of Libra's influence.

Notice the similarities between the changes you see in nature and within yourself—the shedding of old thought patterns, old habits, and old cycles. The Equinox roots us in our small place in this world. Our own microcosm. The subtle energetic undercurrents of our physical world are shifting—the sudden desire to release old habits and thoughts. To close a chapter of an old life and open oneself to new possibilities. 

The Equinox is an important day to turn off the tv and seclude yourself from the external chaos. Burning a Rosemary Smudge on this day is very therapeutic, as it quickly stabilizes erratic energies and brings about a peaceful transition—an excellent way to welcome the new season. 

A near-smokeless alternative to the Rosemary Smudge would be to dust a single Ritual Candle with Tiger's Eye Ritual Blend, and use it exactly as you would the Rosemary Smudge.

Allow the smoke/light to gently (and carefully) envelop your physical and energetic body. Particularly the base of your spine, both shoulder blades, the space 5-10 inches over your head, and the space 5-10 inches below the soles of your feet (you will need to sit or lay).

Next, walk around your home and allow the smoke/light to surround each doorway, high-traffic living areas, and reflective surfaces. Lastly, (if applicable) smudge the threshold of the back door, followed by the threshold of the front door. Scatter the remnants (ash or wax) outside your front door. 


September 26th, 2021: Mercury Retrograde begins. Mercury rules communication, travel, technology, and the legal system. When Mercury is in retrograde, these areas of life are at their absolute weakest point. It is the absence of Mercurial energy that is the cause of these problems.  

Mercury Retrograde impacts everyone to varying degrees, all based on the position of Mercury in your natal chart at the moment you were born. 

If you are actively working to prevent Mercury Retrograde disruptions and maladies, begin Protocol 2 or Protocol 3 of the Mercury Retrograde Relief ritual today. 

Good News: This is the last Mercury Retrograde of 2021. Although the post-shadow will tail us until November 2nd, retrograde-related troubles will begin to ease as of October 18th/19th. 


All good things are aligning themselves for you. Everything is falling into place. Breathe. As I often remind people, a Witch does not need to fix problems. A Witch fixes the energy around problems. Then the problems fix themselves… 

We will reconnect on October 1st.


Love & Magick, 

Dacha Avelin 

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