October 2021 Astrological Influences & Ritual Recommendations

Ahhh... the season of the Witch is now upon us. Wouldn't you agree that something always feels different within the 8 days between the Autumn Equinox and October 1st? A sudden shift. A distinctive new energetic current. A spirit of return. 


And so, we begin. 


October 1st, 2021: We are now at a half-point point between the Last Quarter Moon and the Dark Moon. As of today, energy will begin to contract, and anxiety may heighten. It may feel as though time is slipping away, yet your to-do list is only growing. 


Tonight's Waning Crescent in Leo will suddenly confront your perceptions of self-worth. People tend to feel underappreciated on this day. Make it a point to compliment, thank, and recognize those around you - especially those who serve you. Nurses, baristas, gas station attendants - whoever you come into contact with today. It will mean more to them than you will ever know. 


October 6th, 2021, Dark Moon (4:05am PST / 7:05am EST): As the Moon disappears from the autumn night sky, we now experience the Dark Moon in Libra. Tonight, most will question their place on this Earth, their relationships, and how they earn a living. Knowing perfectly well who reads my newsletters and forecasts (hello there!), I am perfectly aware that you are an introspective soul (yes, you!), and the energies of this Dark Moon will likely be all too familiar. 


Alternatively, extroverts and those who rarely delve into the dark nights of the soul, may be hit especially hard by this Dark Moon's influence. Be gentle with loved ones, especially romantic partners. 


Let's discuss October's Dark Moon Rituals: 

If someone (living or not) has thrown something nasty your way, a Break & Reverse Ritual will take care of that. October 6th (and the late-night hours of November 5th!) will be exceptionally powerful for disentangling and banishing generational curses. Complicated conditions can be worked out and solved under this astrological transit. 
Additionally, tonight's Dark Moon Libra lunar energies will wonderfully assist with cutting ties or eliminating all manners of relationships - whether romantic or otherwise. Respect yourself enough to banish and walk away from the situations, conditions and people that do nothing but destroy you.


October 6th, 2021: After 5 months in retrograde, Pluto turns direct! This year, Pluto retrograded on April 27th, which began to peel away and expose past emotional wounds and the shadow sides of the psyche. Secrets are often revealed (or rather awkwardly exposed) within 48 hours of Pluto Direct. If you have been withholding information, you better prepare and quickly come up with an explanation or an excuse. Your secrets may suddenly come to light in the most unexpected of ways. You've been warned.


October 8th, 2021, Witch's New Moon: As soon as you see the very first sliver of the Moon, know that is the Witch's New Moon is upon you. That will be the ideal time to begin new ventures, plant new seeds of manifestation, and draw new love into your life


If repetitive or challenging roadblocks are preventing you from accomplishing a desired goal, perform the Dispel & Conquer Ritual preferably today - or, if not possible, within the upcoming week. 


Short(ish) story about the Dispel & Conquer Ritual:   
A couple of years ago, I needed to expand the Old World Witchcraft work(craft)shop and wanted to remain in a specific district of Northwest Portland. Commercial leases were devastatingly in short supply, and the vast majority of spaces would not be able to accommodate or allow our type of business. Not necessarily due to discrimination (though that has been a problem in the past), but because our craftshop emits an incredibly strong, wall-permeating, clothes-and-hair clinging aroma. 
With hundreds of pounds of herbs, roots, resins, smudges and beeswax going in and out of our craftshop, any place where craft Old World Witchcraft goods inevitably becomes shockingly fragrant. I, of course, absolutely love it. I wouldn't want it any other way.
Unfortunately, many landlords do not share my enjoyment of herbal aroma extremes... Nor do they want a "strange" Witchcraft business potentially scaring away other possible tenants. 
For months I looked for commercial leases. Every single day I was combing through Craigslist and local office-for-rent sites. And every single time, I was either 10th in line waiting to see the space (and inevitably not even be able to put in an offer), or, due to the nature of my business and what we create, my applications were repeatedly rejected.
Then, in a moment of despair, (re)created a spell based on an energy permeation method I had learned from my dear friend, who is an Estonian occultist/magus. 
With some ritual trial and error (yes, I often troubleshoot rituals), the perfect craftshop space presented itself within two weeks.
Here's how it happened. I stopped for a cup of coffee, sat down, and looked over my shoulder. To my surprise, a man was taping a 'for lease' sign on the office space across the way. Needless to say, I knew that the spell had worked. This space was being rented at my ideal price point, and it was in the most beautiful part of Northwest Portland.
My business-neighbors were very kind and welcoming - the bakery next door even dropped off some wonderful brownies. The new craftshop had very large windows, large skylights, and even better, the entire space was solid concrete! No one, and I mean no one, could possibly be able to smell the extremely potent herbal aroma pervading from our craftshop. 
This same Dispel & Conquer Ritual is one that I return to time and time again. And so, when someone comes to me with similar difficulties of persistent shortages or blockages, the Dispel & Conquer Ritual is what I always give them. And I am always amazed by how quickly the emitted energies of this ritual can powerfully - and quickly! - conquer just about any problem.


Okay, okay, back to October...


October 11th, 2021: Saturn Retrograde comes to an end and stations direct. While the post-shadow of Saturn Retrograde will be with us until mid-January, as you can now expect productivity to rapidly increase, while procrastination will rapidly decrease


This is excellent news for those who have been feeling in a rut the last few months! Think back to the projects you started but did not complete in April or May. It is time to revisit that which you had abandoned. You will now have the energy. You will now have the time. And if you need an extra boost or a headstart, the Fearless Determination Ritual will get you right back on track. 


October 13th, 2021: The First Quarter Moon compels us to take action and reminds us of our power. If wanting to arouse romantic interest and rapidly increase (or open) communication with a love interest, now is an excellent time to do the Always on Their Mind Ritual. Rituals for influence and control are also particularly powerful when started tonight.


October 18th, 2021: Mercury retrograde comes to an end! As does Jupiter Retrograde. Marvellous day, indeed! In the days to come, communication, bizarre electrical maladies (has your phone been having seizures like mine?), and travel disruptions will come to an end. So sit back and take a deep breath. Shake it all out. 


And then maybe pour yourself a glass of prosecco... You earned it. The last couple of months were tough!


October 20th, 2021, 7:56am PST / 10:56am ESTThe first Full Moon of autumn is in the determined sign of Aries. And with all these retrogrades ending earlier in the week, now is the time to harness the energies that surround you and dwell within you. Nothing, and no one, can stop you now. The assertive Aries energy and the magnetism of this Full Moon will power through anything you put in front of it. 


Let's discuss October's Full Moon Ritual: 
On most Aries Full Moon's, when the Moon is out, and the crickets sing, I like to do what I call the Aries Candle Ritual:
I pick up a braided candle and head outdoors. Depending on where I am (I split my time between the US and Prague), I either take a walk in my neighbourhood or the moonlit forest outside my door. As I walk, I gently and inconspicuously roll the candle braid between the palms of my hands. I mentally, emotionally, and energetically emit gratitude for all that I have, all that I (get to) do, and all that I am open to now welcome into my life and receive. 
Within 5-10 minutes, the candle braid is inaudibly buzzing with intensity and power. Upon returning home, I quickly and firmly roll it in equal parts Sacred Power Ritual Blend and the Viking Ritual Blend (just about 1/3-1/2 teaspoon of each - use sparingly). I then untwist and peel apart about 1/2 inch of the candle legs, creating a self-contained "candleholder" base.
I place the Aries Full Moon Candle on a tea saucer, I exclaim precisely what I am opening myself to and now bringing forth into my life, and then I light the candle. Holding my hands near the exterior of the flame, allowing my body to be the complete circuit. The energy passes from the candle, through my body and into the ethers. The air, and sometimes even the humidity, in the room becomes thick - similar to the energy and smell of rainfall when thunder is near. 
Once the candle extinguishes in its own puddle of wax and completely cools, I place the remnant "nugget" on my office desk or nightstand. Sometimes even put it in my carry-on bag. It depends entirely on what my Aries Full Moon Candle was created for; e.g. what I am trying to draw into my life, if I need wisdom, protection, courage, etc.. Typically I hold on to these remnants for 2-3 months at a time. When they no longer "buzz" for me, I return nature's bounty and bury the remnants on my property or an undisturbed place in the forest. 
Never, ever use paraffin /petroleum-derived products - they are highly processed, wreak havoc on the Earth, holds no real energy and cannot be safely (ritually) disposed. Avoid paraffin at all costs! 


October 22nd, 2021: Sun enters Scorpio and (almost) instantly influences us to get more in touch with our mystical. The lifeforce withdraws from the world of mundane activity and dives deep into the underworld of the psyche. 


Issues surrounding control and power struggles may arise during the next three weeks. Something to watch out for: do not dwell on other peoples drama or the 'who is doing what' with their lives. Gossip suddenly becomes a lot more enjoyable under this transit. Don't give into it. Disengage, don't give your power away. Only focus on yourself.


Let's discuss rituals. Scorpio energies seamlessly (almost frighteningly so) can crawl into people's emotions, permeate their subconscious minds, and swiftly plant seeds that quickly sprout into forests. Keep in mind; this energy mostly only impacts romance and sex. Plan to begin your love spells, especially sex magick, on November 12th.


Why November 12th? Sun will still be in Scorpio, and the Moon will be at or past the First Quarter phase. That will be the ideal time for love spells (including sex magick)devotion rituals, etc. Start planning now!


October 31st - November 2nd, 2021: You may call it Samhain, Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, Witches New Year, All Souls Day, etc.. It is of my favourite times of the year. Despite this, with English being my second language, I hold no preference for a particular name for this day. In my mind, it needs no name - it needs no introduction.


I am always eager to reconnect with my ancestors. During this time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere), it is easier to do so.  


With the thinning of the veil, it is an excellent time to (re)establish communication with your ancestors to ask for guidance, protection, and if it applies to you, ask for fertility. In most cases, ancestors are also eager to answer very specific questions. See Ancestral Spirit Communication Ritual for more information and instructions.


Between October 31st and November 2nd, I recommend crafting an offering altar for the deceased. Photographs, candles, food/drink offerings, meditation (or prayer). In addition to the offering altar, I always set a place for my ancestors at the dining room table. I am Eastern European and of deep rooted-in-the-Earth Slavic ancestry. I leave a small glass of vodka, bread, fermented vegetables, something sweet, and a small plate of food of whatever I am cooking that evening. 


On the morning of November 2nd, I bury the offerings in my backyard. However, many choose to place the offerings outside on the night of November 1st to allow wild animals to feast on the food.  


I encourage you to draw from your own cultural heritage and figure out the most appropriate for you and your ancestors. Cigars, wine, plantains - offer what would make your ancestors delighted to visit with you. 


Wishing you an unforgettable month of mysticism, magick, and ancestral reconnection.


Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin





Thank you for your astrological readings. I love them! They are my go-to for guidance each month. I love your story of finding your craftshop in Portland. Is it open to fellow witchs to visit? If I ever make it up to Portland, I’d love to see it. Happy Autumn and Happy Halloween. 🎃

Asia P

Asia P

I just want to thank you for creating and posting these monthly articles. I always look forward to reading them and the information is so helpful! I have almost all of your products and they have helped me so much in developing my craft. I hope you enjoy this Fall season and Happy Halloween!
Old World Witchcraft replied:
Thank you so much for your kind words! Enjoy this wonderful season – magick is truly in the air… :)

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