May 2022 Astrological Influences & Rituals

We welcome May under the fading stillness of April's Dark Moon.


May 2-3, 2022: The Witch's New Moon will rise before noon, be most visible at sunset, and set well before midnight. The moment you see the first crescent of the Moon, know that the Witch's New Moon is upon you. This is the energy necessary to expand on current desired circumstances and attract more of the same. Perfect day to begin the Always on Their Mind Love Spell.


May 5, 2022: The Moon at apogee (farthest from Earth) emits contracting energies that feel as though time is running out. The to-do lists keep getting longer, and the checkmarks can't seem to catch up. If you have wanted to take a mental health day, plan it for today. Productivity will be considerably hindered today, so unplug and unwind.


May 9, 2022: First Quarter Moon in Leo inspires action. Excellent day for rituals involving love and prosperity. This energy can help increase productivity, but it can also painfully remind us that we are not living up to our fullest abilities. Very lucky day for receiving beauty services, such as getting a haircut, plastic surgery, etc.

To help increase determination and productivity, perform the Viking Fearless Courage ritual today. 


May 10, 2022: Mercury Retrograde begins. Unlike the last few Mercury Retrogrades, you may find that this will be fairly mild or slow. Unexpected changes are inevitable, as are some technical or communication delays, but most of you will sail through this retrograde without too many hassles. 

If an important event or task is at hand, write out how you would like the situation to unfold on a piece of paper. Sparingly dust the paper with Mercury Ritual Blend and lay the beeswax ritual candle in the center. While repeating your written statement (or the keynotes of the statement), firmly roll the candle in the herbal mixture. The beeswax picks up both the intent of your statement and the herbs that help facilitate the energetic exchange. Light the candle and hold it at a 45-degree angle over the center of the paper. Allow 3-4 drops of wax to drip into the center, creating a small pool of wax. Quickly place the base of the candle into the pool of wax and hold firmly until the wax hardens and the candle can stand upright by itself. The candle will either self-extinguish, or it will light the paper on fire and slowly consume it. Ensuring the environment is safe, allow the flame to smolder and fade naturally. 


May 15, 2022: Full Moon in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse intertwine sexuality and emotional wounds. All emotions are heightened, and the importance of relationships becomes uncomfortably clear. With the Moon closely tied with our emotions and hearts, lunar eclipses are well-known for clearing the skeletons in the closet and throwing away the excess baggage. Old pain, old drama, old emotions must now be left in the past. 

 Important: Unless you are a very experienced Witch or have a particular fondness for this energy, I do not advise any rituals for this evening. The energy is too erratic and tends to be unpredictable. Instead, focus on self-love, healing, sexuality, and the overall enjoyment of this incredible astronomical event.



May 17, 2022: The Moon is orbiting closest to the Earth today than at any other time during this cycle. Excellent day for brainstorming or getting together with like-minded individuals. Exceptionally deep conversations and ideas are to be expected. Remember not to get too carried away with finalizing the details, as Sagittarius lunar energies and Mercury Retrograde are likely to skip important details. Burn a Rosemary Smudge the morning of May 17th or 18th to help solidify ideas and associated energies. 


May 22, 2022: Sun enters Gemini and energizes social interaction and intellectual pursuits. Under this 28-day influence, it's common to jump from one hobby to the next. The physical seemingly cannot keep up with the mental. There isn't enough time in the day to pursue every hobby, every person, and every adventure that will pique your interest. Boredom is everyone's kryptonite under this transit. If you feel stuck in manifesting a specific experience, the Attainment Ritual can help bring specific adventures or occurrences into physical form. Begin the series of Attainment Rituals tonight.


May 22, 2022: Last Quarter Moon in Pisces highlights the contradiction between what we want and what we think we want. Long-held plans or ideals may end, as you awaken to find that you are no longer the same person who once established those pursuits. Adapt and change to what best suits you now. If anxiety or depression is present, try to gather any remaining energy and put an end to the negative vortex that is surrounding you.


May 30, 2022: Dark Moon in Gemini loudly echoes the message of the Pisces (above). This strong, energetic current forces us to cut away from the past and adapt to this present moment. We must now look within to find our balance of darkness and light. As we find our inner balance, we naturally grow out of our old ways of being. We ripen. We mature. We are more confident with ourselves and the world around us. We now know what we want. We know what we don't want. And we are now wise enough to know the difference. 

Use the power of this Dark Moon to banish all that no longer serves you


We will reconnect in June!

Love & Magick,


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