March 2021 Astrological Influences & Ritual Recommendations

The energy of rebirth and sudden change is all around us. What has been buried in darkness may now come to light. New ideas, new perspectives, and new chapters are unfolding. The eagerness for change is palpable. We see the change in the seasons, and we see the change in society. Finally, we see the change within ourselves. 


And so, we welcome March and the arrival of a new season of change.


March 5, 2021: Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius. This is the time when we become very aware of what needs to fall apart so that we can rebuild anew. Anxiety can heighten during this time, as can borderline irrational thoughts and perceived troubles. Desires for radical and swift change are at the forefront of the mind. All things that have felt stagnant must now fall by the wayside. A particularly potent night to burn a Juniper Smudge:


Light the Juniper smudge bundle, preferably from the flame of an ambient or meditative candle. Walk clockwise through your home, mentally and emotionally letting go of all that must now be released. 


Open all windows in your home (even if for only 5 minutes), and walk clockwise through your home once again. This time, audibly exclaim what you are renewing or awakening in your life. Something new that you are making room for. Something new that you are allowing to (re)bloom in your life. 


Finally, smudge your physical and non-physical body, which includes the 3 feet below your feet' soles (you will need to sit or lay) and the 3 feet above your head. Scatter the ashes of the smudge remnants outside your front door or on the sidewalk.


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March 12, 2021: Mercury Retrograde post-shadow completely dissipates and is no longer an energetic influence. Haven't you noticed that even now, as you're reading this in early March, that nearly all Mercury Retrograde-related troubles have ceased to be? It's a good feeling — and one that we won't have to worry about again until mid-May of this year. 


March 13, 2021 2:21am PST / 5:21am EST: As the moon disappears from the night sky, we encounter the Dark Moon in Pisces. This Dark Moon creates a division between how we perceive ourselves and our manifested physical reality. Pitfalls of the past rise out of the darkness. You may feel as though time is running out. It is essential for the next 3 nights to mentally find a balance between what you are doing and what you think you should be doing. Realign with a new path. It's okay to let go of outworn goals or values. 


This is the last Dark Moon of winter (summer for the Southern Hemisphere). As we say our final farewell to the season, we transition out of our old ways of being. We ripen. We mature. We are more confident with ourselves and the world around us. We know what we want. And just as important, we know exactly what it is we don't want. We let go of procrastination. We let go of fear. We let go of the opinions of other people. And most importantly, we let go of all that no longer serves us. 


A recommended ritual specific to March 13th would be the Dispel & Conquer Ritual. With the Equinox swiftly approaching, now is a very powerful time to banish roadblocks and create pathways for specific types of change. 


If you feel as if something (or someone) keeps you chained in your dead-end situation, use the power of the March 13th Dark Moon to set yourself free and banish all limitations"I now remove and permanently banish all negative influences, energies, and entities around me. I am now set free."


Those in a dead-end romantic relationship who seem to continually manifest dysfunctional ties should use the energy of this Dark Moon to banish self-sabotage and instill personal power and self-worth using Orris Root


March 14th/15th, 2021: When the first crescent of Witch's New Moon reveals itself, a big sigh of relief will be felt on a deep soul level of your being. You will intrinsically know that a new cycle and a new set vibration have just transpired. Use the energies and emotions of this relief to set yourself on a new path. This can be through mundane means, or through ritual means. 


To anchor this high vibration of relief and to welcome more positive change, use a combination of the Sacred Power and Blossom Ritual Blend on the day of this Witch's New Moon:


Gather the Sacred Power and Blossom Ritual Blends, along with 4 beeswax Ritual Candles, a pen, a 4" paper circle, and a fireproof surface (such as this slate board). 


On the paper circle, write in an inward spiral something you wish to welcome in the coming Moon cycle, such as:

  • I welcome more positive people that love me, respect me, and are good to me.
  • I open myself to all new joyous experiences and new positive pathways of change. 
  • I open myself to receiving and accepting love. Loving people/person are/is drawn to me. I am a magnet for love.
  • My life is now changing for the better. Good people, good experiences, and good outcomes are always drawn to me. 

Witch's New Moon Ritual

This is now your mantra. Place this statement paper in the middle of your fireproof surface. 


Pick up the four beeswax Ritual Candles and roll them between the palms of your hands. Energetically charge the candles with the essence or emotions of your written statement. When the beeswax softens from the warmth of your hands, dust two candles with Sacred Power Ritual Blend and the other two candles with Blossom Ritual Blend. Now create a candle braid*.


Old World Witchcraft Braided Candle


*To create a candle braid, hold the four Ritual Candles in your hand, making sure they are lined up evenly. While holding both ends of the candles, gently begin to twist in opposite directions. The motion is similar to wringing out wet laundry. The bottoms (or legs) of the candles should then be untwisted for the last 1/2-1 inch of the candles. Spread each of the candle legs to 4 opposing sides, forming a self-contained base. 


Stand the candle braid upright in the center of the paper circle on your fireproof circle. Exclaim your written statement and light the candle. Slow your breath. Allow your gaze to soften. While gazing through the dancing flames of the braided candle, chant your statement mantra under your breath. 


Allow the flames of the braided candle to naturally burn down to the statement paper. Depending on the energy you put into the ritual and the energetic resistance of your stated desire, the flame will either consume the statement paper, or it will extinguish itself in its own puddle of wax. 

  • If the flames quickly drown in their own puddle of wax, take this as a sign that your current subconscious mind and energy field is not yet a match to your stated desire. The ritual needs to be repeated. A banishing is also recommended to eliminate negative thought patterns, draining energies, and attachments/entities. 
  • If the flame catches the statement paper on fire and neatly consumes itself, take it as a good sign. 
  • If the flame catches the statement paper on fire and the paper burns for 20+ minutes, or excessive sounds (pops, hisses, whispers) occur during the burn, take it as a sign that there is an energetic presence. Most likely, a spirit or ancestor helping you on with this endeavor. 

Do not try to manipulate the flame to burn one way or another, for it is a powerful divination tool of Witchcraft. Of course, if the burn is no longer safe or is getting out of hand, use your best judgment and always use safety precautions. 


Dispose of the ritual remnants by burying them at or near your front door, preferably in the front yard walkway to your front door. 

If you are an apartment-dweller, bury the remnants inside a healthy potted plant and place it in a sun-appropriate spot near the front door. 


Note: The Witch's New Moon is an approximate 28-hour window of time. With some variations, the Witch's New Moon rises in the daytime before noon and becomes visible in the ay sky. It will be most visible at sunset and usually sets well before midnight. ​The moment you see the first crescent of the Moon, know that the Witch's New Moon is upon you. 


March 20, 2021: With the Spring Equinox upon us and the Sun entering Aries, the Earth awakens with a new sense of optimism and determination. The energy of rebirth and sudden change is all around us. What has been buried in darkness may now come to light. New ideas, new perspectives, and new chapters are sprouting from within. An excellent day for all prosperity rituals, most notably the Attainment Ritual to manifest very specific desires


While the spring days in the Northern Hemisphere will be growing longer, those in the Southern Hemisphere are now entering their autumnal season of darkness. Prosperity rituals are recommended. New life paths will come to light as you move forward with the Earthly tasks at hand. Now is the time to respond to life with decisive action rather than mere contemplation. 


March 21, 2021: The First Quarter Moon compels us to take action and reminds us of our power. It is an excellent day to begin a series of love spells, whether it's to attract new love or relight an old flame.  Rituals for influence and control are particularly powerful when started on the First Quarter Moon. If needing to hear back positive news from a financial institution or a person you lent money to, use the Contact Me at Once for Financial Matters Ritual on March 21st.


March 28, 2021: As the Full Moon in Libra reveals itself, you may begin to feel the tides of romance shift in your life. This can sway both ways — as in feeling love intensely for your partner, or quite the opposite. You may be wishing to pack your bags to leave as we speak. Whichever way you are currently feeling, expect these emotions to resolve themselves before the upcoming Last Quarter Moon of April 4th. Either you will indeed be packing your bags, or you will be getting better insight into your situation and will decide to stay. Depending on Libra's presence in your natal chart, these same sentiments will hold true for your career instead. Don't make any permanent decisions just yet. Wait until the energies and the fluid Libraen emotions settle down. 


This Full Moon is excellent for all rituals involving romance and commitment, or rituals to change someone's thoughts/actions/decisions. In fact, if you are a skilled communicator, this is an ideal day to convince or sell someone on an idea. Most people will be very receptive and easily swayed on this day. Now that you know this interesting detail, you may consciously choose to be more guarded and selective of what is presented to you March 27th-29th. 


Wishing you a month of serenity and a joyous season of change. 


Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin


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