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We welcome 2023 in the midst of Mars and Mercury Retrograde. While this may not seem ideal, it may give you some relief to know that many *difficulties you have been plagued with since early December will begin resolving themselves by January 22nd.  

*difficulties in specific regard to finances, communication, and low energy.


January 2, 2023: Venus enters Aquarius, making people more helpful and selfless. With the Moon approaching Full, now is a good time for love/sex magick and all spells involving influencing the emotions of others. However, it is important to note that now is not a good time to have difficult conversations regarding commitment. This concerns both romantic commitments, as well as careers. Do your best to stay neutral. Miscommunication is rampant, making most set plans or group intentions obsolete in a matter of weeks.


January 6, 2023 (3:07 PM PST / 6:07 PM EST): Full Moon in Cancer highlights the importance of family and home and draws upon protective energies. This is an opportune time for rituals to protect the home, including the Old Norse Guardian Ritual. I recommend combining equal parts Sacred Power Ritual Blend with Viking Ritual Blend or Tiger's Eye Ritual Blend. Roll a beeswax ritual candle in the mixture and burn it in the center of your home. Cusp the lit candle with both hands and consciously emit energies (laser-focused thoughts) of protection and peace. Scatter the remnants around the perimeter of your home. 


January 8, 2023: Lunar Apogee (when the Moon is furthest from the Earth) causes energy to contract and may make you feel extra spacey or distracted today. Avoid detail-oriented tasks today. Excellent night for divination or making contact with the deceased


January 12, 2023: Finally, Mars goes direct! Has something been slowing your progress since late October/early November? Perhaps a project or an opportunity came to a screeching halt or disappeared altogether? Narrow down on what transpired around that time, and expect things to resume in the coming weeks. If you have been feeling low energy since October, you may expect it to slowly increase and stabilize around the First Quarter Moon of January 21st. Consider doing a Path Opening Ritual around that time. 


January 15, 2023: Last Quarter Moon in Libra can bring about feelings of regret or childhood trauma. Know that this is temporary, perfectly normal, and will subside within 48 hours. If you're struggling, burn a beeswax candle braid dusted in equal parts Blossom Ritual Blend and Tiger's Eye Blend. Alternatively, burn a Rosemary smudge bundle around your body, paying extra attention to the 12 inches above your head, your shoulder blades, and about 12-24 inches in front of your chest.


January 18, 2023: You may begin to feel more confident about your decisions and plans as Mercury goes direct. That doesn't mean you should abandon all care in the world, but a sigh of relief is certainly in order!


January 20, 2023: Happy birthday, Aquarius! With Sun entering Aquarius, now is the time for self-development. Although this transition often encourages risk-taking and exploring the outer edges of your comfort zone, wait until after the Witch's New Moon of January 23rd to make any leaps. 


January 21, 2023 (12:53 PM PST / 3:53 PM EST): Dark Moon in Aquarius brings a night for stillness, banishment, and divination. We look within to find our own balance of darkness and light. As we find our inner balance, we naturally grow out of our old ways of being. We ripen. We mature. We are more confident with ourselves and the world around us. We know what we want. And just as important, we know exactly what it is we don't want. We let go of procrastination. We let go of fear. We let go of the judgments from other people. And most importantly, we let go of all that no longer serves us. On the Dark Moon, we banish. 


January 22, 2023: We ring in the Lunar New Year and embrace the Year of the Rabbit! I am a big proponent of utilizing Chinese astrology in Witchcraft and divination. Why? Life is cyclical. Understanding and tuning yourself to the undercurrent of the year holds a profound power. Not only can it assist with decision-making and planning, but it gives us a glimpse of the general theme and energies of the year.


January 22, 2023: Uranus goes Direct and typically brings a sense of much-needed stability. You may have noticed that since late August, you have been more reactive than proactive. Meaning you have been responding to external change rather than initiating the change yourself. If you have felt mentally sluggish and had low motivation throughout the last 4 months, you may expect a significant improvement in the coming 2-3 weeks. 


January 28, 2023: First Moon in Taurus is your green light for launching new ventures, making plans, and establishing concrete goals. Rituals under this influence are ripe for rapid manifestation - particularly those that involve inner determination and finances. The Wise Woman Ritual will be particularly potent tonight!


Please note the information above is a general outline of what will impact most of us. Think of it as a broad weather forecast. If you would like to know what will affect you personally, when a transit specific to you will occur, and your most powerful days for magick or major life changes, contact me for astrological forecasting or reading


Wishing you a lovely first month of 2023! May it bring you greater clarity, calmness, and profound insights. 



Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin




Thank you!



Thank you – and happy new year! X

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