Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse

November 30th, 2020 1:29 am PST / 9:29 am UTC

As the Full Moon moves into Earth's outer shadow, we now experience the final penumbral eclipse of 2020. This astrological event heightens all senses and reveals our rawest emotions. 


Old chapters of your life will now begin to come to an end. Expect sudden (but much needed!) endings between now and the Dark Moon of December 14th. Try to perceive these changes from a broader vantage point. If seeing the big picture feels impossible at the moment, give it some time. By the Witch's New Moon of December 16th, large sections of the puzzle will start to come together. 


If wanting to speed up the shedding of the old, perform a Banishing Ritual on any night between December 7th - 14th. For the ritual mantra you may use:

"I am now ready to let go and part ways with all that no longer services. I now let go and walk away from everything that is holding be back. I now let go and banish all draining energies, entities, and sabotaging thoughts."


Alternatively, you may use the same ritual mantra while burning a Cedar Smudge Bundle around your home and physical body. Make sure to allow the smoke to envelop the 3 feet of space above your head, as well as the 3 feet below the soles of your feet. Yes, you will need to sit or lay to thoroughly cleanse your auric field below the physical body.


The Moon rules our emotions, inner dialogue, and deeply held beliefs. Under the Moon's Gemini influence, emotions can be changed (or manipulated) quite easily during this time -- both through mundane tactics as well as through ritual. If you have been contemplating love magick or need to gain favors from a specific person, the next 48 hours are immensely powerful for this work. 


We will reconnect on December 1st to discuss December's astrological influences. 

Wishing you a regenerative Full Moon! 

Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin



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