February 2022 Astrological Influences & Rituals

February 1, 2022: We welcome February under a Dark Moon and the beginning of the Lunar New Year.

The year of the Tiger will be full of excitement and rapid change. In honor of this energy, we have crafted a special Tiger's Eye Spiritual Protection Ritual Candle. You can read more about it here...


February 3rd, 2022: The Witch's New Moon in Pisces expands our realm of possibilities. Do your best to channel these energies and hold on to them for as long as possible. It is time to open pathways to new experiences.

Witch's New Moon rises before noon, will be most visible at sunset, and sets well before midnight. The moment you see the first crescent of the Moon, know that the Witch's New Moon is upon you. Depending on where you are on earth, you may see the Witch's New Moon as early as February 2nd. 


February 4th, 2022: Mercury Direct! Ah... Mercury Retrograde comes to an end, but don't forget to triple-check everything just yet! 

For some people, a boomerang effect makes the week after Mercury direct somewhat unpleasant, as mistakes made in the prior weeks suddenly make themselves know. 

Although the Mercury post-shadow will impact us until February 24th, 2022, you can begin making plans without any fears of unexpected changes. 

On the morning of Mercury Direct, I like to a Rosemary smudge bundle  or Lavender around my home. It helps clear stagnant energies of miscommunication and annoyances over what failed to work. Think of Rosemary and Lavender as energy stabilizers. They help reduce the bearing of previous unpleasant emotions, thoughts, and actions. Simultaneously opening pathways for emotional and energetic stability.


February 8th, 2022: First Quarter Moon in Taurus compels us to take action and reminds us of our power. If waiting/wanting to hear from a romantic interest, now is an excellent time to perform the communication rituals for lovers. Rituals for influence and control are also particularly powerful when started tonight. 


February 10th/11th, 2022: If you have been waiting to do a love spell on a specific person, BEGIN THE RITUAL NOW! February's Full Moon (see below) will be incredibly potent for love spells


February 11th, 2022: The Moon at apogee (farthest from Earth) emits contracting energies that feel as though time is running out. The to-do lists keep getting longer, and the checkmarks can't seem to catch up. Productivity will be considerably hindered today. 


February 16th, 2022 8:46 am PST / 11:56 am EST: This Full Moon in Leo will be so intense that the air will feel electrically charged, similar to when lightning strikes nearby.

Thoughts will quickly manifest, so please be very mindful of what you focus on! Avoid any trauma or fear based television. And maybe give the murder podcasts a rest... 

This strong energy will begin building up the morning of February 15th and will remain with us until the early morning hours of February 18th. 

Recommended Full Moon Rituals


February 18, 2022: Sun enters Pisces and temporarily alters our view of the world.

Generally speaking...

  • Air signs will spend the next 28 days exploring unearthly ideas and concepts. Set calendar reminders for yourself, as time will seem to elude you.
  • Earth signs will spend the next 28 days trying to figure out how to actualize their plans and ideas. If something was hindering your progress last month, now you may "outsmart" your roadblocks.
  • Fire signs will spend the next 28 days trying to blend all the polarizing aspects of their lives. Your buried emotions will float up to the surface and now you will be able to gracefully deal with them. 
  • Water signs will spend the next 28 days feeling quite emotional, though this will also give them uncanny access into another realm. Excellent 4 weeks of spiritual exploration. 


February 23, 2022: Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius provides the wisdom and motivation to recognize barriers and break through blockages. As with many Last Quarter Moons, it's a potent time to end negative vortexes and dissolve "brewing" unpleasant events before they materialize.

The Witch’s Moon (shared) Calendar is now available for Gmail, Android and iPhone. To subscribe to the calendar, simply click the +Google Calendar at the bottom right of the calendar here: https://oldworldwitchcraft.com/pages/moon-calendar

Wishing you wonderful month and a prosperous Year of the Tiger!


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