December 2020 Astrological Influences & Ritual Recommendations

We begin this month with a week of peace and stability—no vital astrological influences to report. No retrogrades are causing mayhem: nothing but the fading energies of yesterday's Full Moon.


December 8, 2020: Last Quarter Moon. This is the time when we become very aware of what needs to fall apart so that we can rebuild anew. Anxiety can heighten during this time, as can emotional troubles. If old heartbreaks and disappointments arise, brew a fresh batch of the Black Walnut Water tonight. Add it to bathwater, or simply rinse yourself while standing in the shower. Allow the heartache and disappointment to be washed away. Burning Palo Santo or Rosemary after the Black Walnut bath will stabilize energies, allowing you to think clearly from new, heightened perspectives. 


December 12, 2020: The Moon is at perigee, which means it's orbiting closest to the Earth. This intensifies all emotions - the good and the bad. Pay close attention to your thoughts. It will be too easy to let yourself go down the rabbit hole of negativity or pessimism. Stop yourself before it's too late. An excellent day for the Self-Sabotage Banishing Ritual to remove limiting beliefs and destructive cycles. 


December 14, 2020, 8:16 am PST / 4:16 pm UTC: Dark Moon in Sagittarius and total solar eclipse makes us rethink the dead-end road in one major part of our lives. Is there a path out of this situation? Eclipses open-up portals of awareness and change wherever they point to in our charts. This Dark Moon can rapidly clear the prickly brush and reveal a new path of possibilities. The catch? Convention and routine will no longer dominate this new path. Outside-the-box thinking and innovation will be necessary. 


If you feel that you are at a dead-end, use the powerful energies of this Dark Moon and solar eclipse to set yourself free. But remember, this Dark Moon brings unconventional (yet desirable) changes. Those with A-type personalities should consider whether they feel comfortable with a healthy influx of unorthodox energies. Tonight, allow yourself to step off the beaten trail. What may be uncomfortable at first will soon become your new norm. If you are ready to welcome profound change and to get out of the dead-end situation you are in, here are the recommended rituals:


  • Those experiencing repeated financial setbacks should use the energy of this Dark Moon to banish roadblocks that prevent the flow of prosperity. See the Financial Roadblock Ritual for step-by-step ritual instructions. 
  • Those in a dead-end romantic relationship who seem to continually manifest dysfunctional ties should use the energy of this Dark Moon to banish self-sabotage and instill personal power and self-worth using Orris Root
  • If you feel as if something (or someone) keeps you chained in your dead-end situation, use the power of this Dark Moon to set yourself free and banish all limitations"I now remove and permanently banish all negative influences, energies, and entities around me. I am now set free."


This is the last Dark Moon of the autumn (spring for the Southern Hemisphere). As we say our final farewell to the season, we transition out of our old ways of being. We ripen. We mature. We are more confident with ourselves and the world around us. We know what we want. And just as important, we know exactly what it is we don't want. We let go of procrastination. We let go of fear. We let go of the mind-viruses from other people. And most importantly, we let go of all that no longer serves us. 


December 16th-17th, 2020: The New Moon of the Old World Witch is called the Witch's New Moon. It is when the very first crescent or sliver of the Moon is visible. ​This is typically 2-3 nights after the Dark Moon.


With some variations, the Witch's New Moon rises in the daytime before noon and becomes visible in the day sky. It will be most visible at sunset and usually sets well before midnight. The Witch's New Moon is the same percentage all over the world - both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. However, which way the tips of the Witch's New Moon point depend on the time, date, and your location on Earth. ​The moment you see the first crescent of the Moon, know that the Witch's New Moon is upon you. 


Excellent day to begin a new venture, launch a project, begin a series of devotion/marriage spells, or create personal spiritual protection



December 21, 2020: The Solstice & First Quarter Moon compels us to take action and reminds us of our power. We celebrate light and honor the wisdom of the shadows. In connecting with the natural world in a way that honors the sacred immanence in all things, we establish a resonance with the seasons. 


With the Sun entering Capricorn, now is the time to begin prosperity rituals, including the first day of the Opulence Ritual or the Attainment Ritual. All projects and financial ventures that are started today will be blessed from the get-go. Use this day wisely!


December 29, 2020, 7:28 pm PST / December 30, 2020, 3:28 am UTC: We end this dark year on a brighter and kinder note. Full Moon in Cancer reminds us that even in the darkest of times, light is not defeated. And we will again rise. Now is the time to focus on the home, health, and family. I am going to be celebrating the final Full Moon of 2020 with the Sacred Full Moon Ritual. I recommend choosing the Rosemary smudge bundle, as it will help stabilize family energies and clear the path for 2021 blessings.  "As the Moon is full, I am fully prosperous. As the Moon is full, I am fully healthy. As the Moon is full, I am fully loved. Now the Moon is full, and I am fully blessed."


I feel blessed and am honored to share this time with you. I wish you a month of good health, prosperity, and endless magick. May 2021 be kinder to us all. 


Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin

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