August 2021 Astrological Influences & Ritual Recommendations

Hello dear friends and fellow Witches, let me start by saying I apologize that this post is three days late. I am currently retreating from the modern world here in a 13th-century countryside village on the outskirts of Prague. The spirits in the dark forest, breathtaking medieval surroundings, and the apparitions of the departed certainly make one lose track of days. And so, we begin...


August 8th, 2021 6:50 am PST / 9:50 am EST: Dark Moon in Leo brings into question matters of affiliation by association. Starting tonight and for the remainder of this Moon cycle, those who drag you down (rather than lift you up!) will begin to depart from your life. Recognize the friends, lovers, and associates whose energy is draining or depressive. Is your well-being diminished as a result of spending time with certain people? Do you give much more than you take? It may be time to cut ties. The Leo Dark Moon will cast an unusual shadow on just about everyone in your life. Different dimensions and energetic instability (or destructive influences) of others will be impossible to ignore. Generally speaking, Fire and Earth signs will be inspired to react hastily under this transit; similar to ripping off a bandaid. 


Ritual Recommendation:

This Friend or Foe ritual is a Dark Moon divination method that reveals a person's true intentions. 

You will need: 

On the back of the photograph, write the person's name, date of birth, and an inquisitive statement, such as:  

"{name} are you friend or foe?"
"{name} are you working against me, or are you working with me?"
"{name} are you draining me, or are you empowering me?"
"{name} are you holding me back or helping me forward?"


Lightly draw a quadrant (four equal size squares) from the center of the photo. Then, within each square, write the following:

Square 1: I am working against you
Square 2: I mean no harm
Square 3: Love and trust
Square 4: Careless


Roll a single beeswax ritual candle on the photo. Beeswax absorbs and expands energy, which will work by picking up the person's energy and conveying to you the information.  

Next, hold the candle at a 45-degree angle over the photograph and dust the candle with approximately 1/4 teaspoon of Oracle Ritual Blend and 1/4 teaspoon of Slippery Elm Powder. Allow the excess to fall onto the photo. Place the dusted candle back on the photograph and, with firm pressure, continue rolling the candle in the herbs on top of the photo. 

Now, begin reciting and repeating your inquisitive statement. 

Hold and light the candle at a 45-degree candle. Drip 4-5 drops of wax directly in the center of the quadrant. Quickly and firmly stick the base of the candle into the pool of wax. Hold firmly for 10 seconds until the pool of wax cools and firms. The candle will remain upright without any assistance.

At this point, you may choose to chant your mantra, sit quietly in meditation, or use your pendulum or tarot cards to ask further questions. When using tarot cards, a primary theme becomes immediately apparent. The answers or primary theme to your questions will be answered or confirmed once the candle completes its burn.

Allow the candle to complete its burn and observe what occurs:

• If the flame catches the photo on fire, allow the flame to consume it. It is a sign that there is some malicious behavior behind your back.
• If the flame extinguishes itself before catching the photo on fire, it is usually a sign that the person means no harm.


Once the wax cool, observe the pattern of the remaining wax puddle or the burn marks. Which quadrant has the most wax? Which quadrant has a burn or a hole? If the person means no harm, the wax will be primarily in the associated quadrant. Similarly, it may be a combination of two. 

Remnant Disposal:

  • If the person in question is, in fact, a foe, throw the remnants (ashes, bits of wax, photo, etc.) into a busy intersection. Allow the energies to dissipate quickly. 
  •  If the person is a friend, bury the remnants (in ash) at the base of an old healthy tree. This will solidify and nourish the current friendship and will allow it to grow into something long-term and trustworthy. 


August 10th, 2021: With some variation, the Witch's New Moon rises before noon, is most visible at sunset, and sets well before midnight. Depending on where you are in the world, you may not see the Witch's New Moon until August 11th. The moment you see the first crescent of the Moon, know that the Witch's New Moon is upon you. 

The steady build of lunar energy on and after the Witch's New Moon is ideal for starting a series of rituals that attract love, financial success, and manifestation

This Witch's New Moon is in the sign of Virgo, which can help you maneuver your way out of a complicated or seemingly hopeless situation involving finances and life progression. As a result, the Dispel & Conquer ritual will be particularly potent from August 10th-11th.


August 15th, 2021: First Quarter Moon in Scorpio tends to make people jump to conclusions or make irrational choices. Sexual energy rapidly peaks for the next 48 hours. Flirty exchanges with strangers will lead to romantic encounters, though they will often be short-lived. Generally speaking, Fire signs and Water signs will feel this sexual Scorpio lunar influence more than most. Air signs will be more prone to making irrational choices or misinterpreting interactions. 

Most types of sex magick, particularly Song of the Siren rituals to attract a specific lover, will be quite potent if started on August 15th or 16th. 

Avoid starting devotion or marriage rituals under this lunar influence.


August 17th, 2021: Moon is at perigee (closest to the Earth) and renews a sense of alignment. Excellent day for intimate conversations. Productive day for therapy and emotional healing.  

Lunar energies allow emotions, thoughts, and transmitted forces to permeate auric fields easily and readily. Particularly potent day for love spells such as the Devotion Ritual, Come to Me Ritual, and Always on Their Mind Ritual. 


August 19th, 2021: Although Uranus Retrograde is rarely noticed (unlike Mercury or Venus Retrograde!), it is always worthwhile to discuss. Every year Uranus is in retrograde for 155 days and will continue until January 18th, 2022. Uranus is an 'outer' planet and is observed in a slower motion. Uranus influences chaos, both when in retrograde as well as when direct. It balks at traditions and inspires innovative thinking. 

During the five months that Uranus is in retrograde, we reexamine the actions that have brought us to this point. What we thought was possibly innovative may turn out to be counterproductive - or even destructive. It is quite common for people to drop unprofitable business ideas and dead-end careers (especially diplomas for dead-end careers). 


August 22nd, 2021: This Full Moon in Aquarius tends to be quite emotional and somewhat disconnected for most. As the Sun transitions out of the charismatic Leo and sways towards the temperamental Aquarius, a shift occurs that may lead to inner conflict. The feeling of the 'best days are now behind us' is merely an illusion and will subside by August 26th, when the Moon in Aries will lift up our chin and increase motivation.

This is a second of two consecutive Aquarius Full Moon's, with the first being in July. The illusions of black and white, stay or go, good vs. evil, are inescapable. Step back from these illusions, even if just for tonight. Instead, explore your inner shades of gray and observe your moonlit shadow. 


Recommended Ritual

For this month's Full Moon, I recommend this simple realignment ritual to stabilize and recourse the energies around your auric field and your home. Doing so will help dispel any internal chaos and quickly shift energies to a place of power, personal control, and, most importantly, inner peace.

You will need:

Ideally, this realignment ritual is best when looking directly at the Moon through a window or skylight. Hold the candle braid in your hands while gazing at the Moon. Gently roll the candle between the palms of your hands. Feel the magnetism of the Moon reach out to you while you let down your emotional guard. Similar to an ocean tide, sense your vibration and energies flow in and out—deep breath in, deep breath out. The Moon takes, and then she gives back. In and out... 

Place the Candle Braid on your surface area and dust the candle with approximately 1/2 teaspoon each of the Sacred Power Ritual Blend and the Tiger's Eye Ritual Blend. Firmly roll the Candle Braid on your surface area to evenly distribute and adhere to the Ritual Blends.

The legs of the candles should then be untwisted for the last 1/2 to 1 inch of the candle. Spread each of the legs to 4 opposing sides, forming a self-contained base, and place on top of the tea saucer. 

Light the Candle Braid and stare at the space just above the flame. Allow your gaze to soften and become out of focus. Place your hands on your ritual surface with the candle in the center, palm facing towards the candle.
Without touching the candle on either side, move your hands in a circular motion towards yourself. Feel the energy of the candle and the Full Moon creating a vortex of energy in your palms. Now move the hands over the space of about 10-14 inches over your head. Continue the circular movement of both hands over your head. You will soon feel the energy vortex dissipate. Place the hands back to the candle and repeat the steps described above to create a secondary energy vortex. This time, place the hands in the auric field just below your feet. You will need to sit or lay for this.

Once the lower energy vortex has dissipated, return the hands to the candle.

Breathe deeply. Now pick up the tea saucer and begin moving it around your home, similar to a smudge bundle. Allow the light to (safely) reflect from every reflective surface, window, and door. Pay close attention to your headboard and footboard. If possible, place the candle under the light of the Full Moon to continue burning.

Once the candle self-extinguishes in its own puddle of wax, bury the remnants in your backyard or inside the pot of a healthy plant.


August 22nd, 2021: Sun enters Virgo and practicality reigns supreme. The desire for progress and achievement is brought back into the spotlight. Similar to the Witch's New Moon earlier this month, the Virgo solar energies can drastically help unravel complex situations. Loopholes will be found, bridges will be crossed, missing puzzle pieces will be uncovered. 


August 29th, 2021: With the Moon at apogee (farthest from the Earth), distractions and the seeming inability to focus may be encountered. Put a piece of Black Onyx in your pocket and carry it with you throughout the day. Burn Wormwood and Agrimony to help stabilize energy. Focus on the 3 feet above your head, 3 feet below the soles of your feet (yes, you will need to lay or sit for this), and the base of your spine. If flexible, try to smudge your shoulder blades as well. 


I wish you a wonderful and productive month. We will reconnect on September 1st. 

Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin


Dacha Avelin

Dacha Avelin

Hello Michelle,

If the people and/or events are not intertwined, then it will be best to do two separate rituals. You may do one at sunrise and the other at sunset on the same day.



Can the Friend or Foe ritual be done simultaneously for more than 1 person? Basically having 2 different photos and 2 different candles burning at the same time or do you recommend doing the rituals at different times on the same day/evening?

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