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Old World Witchcraft Questions

How do I know if I am a Witch?

What is Old World Witchcraft? Is it historically accurate?

How do I become a Witch? Is there an initiation?

Is Old World Witchcraft the same thing as Wicca?

Is Old World Witchcraft the same thing as black magick?

Can men be Witches?

Ritual Questions

Magick & Rituals

Are your rituals guaranteed to work?

Can a ritual backfire?

How does a love spell work?

Will my love spell last forever? Will they always love me?

Do you have spells for health problems? Can you help with healing magick?

Do I need to cast a circle?

Can I do love spells during Mercury Retrograde?

How do I know if I'm cursed?

My life is horrible and I am stuck financially. Where do I begin?

Old World Witchcraft Products

Product Questions

What are the Ritual Blend ingredients? Can I have the recipe?

"Can you do the rituals for me?"

Can I visit your shop? Do you have a storefront?

Where are your products made?

Shipping, Payment & Fulfillment

Shipping & Fulfillment

Where do you ship?

Where do you ship from?

Can I get my order in a discreet box? I don't want anyone to know.

How quickly do you ship?

Can I pick up my order in Portland?

Tracking says my order has been delivered, but I can't find it.