Wrought Iron Coffin Nail


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Coffin nails are used in banishing rituals, as well as to put a permanent end to cycles of self-sabotage and toxic relationships of all varieties. And of course, coffin nails can be used in curses for more extreme cases.

Ideal for disposing of Ritual Remnants in graveyards or in the forest.

Emulating hand-forged nails of the late 1700s, this solid-steel 3" version features a three-sided head and black wrought iron oxide coating.

Product of Scotland

Instructions: When doing a Banishing Ritual on a particularly negative circumstance you are trying to banish, use a Wrought Iron Coffin Nail as your method of disposal. Grab a hammer and take your Banishing Ritual remnants to the cemetery. Exclaim what you are permanently banishing from your life and strike the Wrought Iron Coffin Nail through the ritual remnants and into the cemetery ground. The spirits of the deceased will take care of the rest! Always throw coins or candy at the gate of the cemetery as you leave. This pleases the gatekeeper spirits and the departed so that no one follows you home. Keep in mind when doing so, one must walk away and not look back. If you can, take a different route home. Read more about Ritual Remnant Disposal here.



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