Wild Lavender and Orange Blossom Smudge Bundle: Charisma, Love & Marriage


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Inspired by the Old World Witches throughout Southern Europe and Persia, this Wild Lavender smudge bundle has been infused with Orange Blossom Water. For millennia, orange blossoms have been used by Witches and Wise Women to draw upon energies of passion and marriage. The fragrant Orange Blossom flower is known to attract suitable lovers and is frequently added to floral waters for this very same characteristic.

When used in combination with lavender, orange blossoms intensify energetically and can be synergistically used for female-empowerment. Ideal for building self-confidence, increasing charisma, or as part of any love ritual.

Wild-harvested lavender has been dried, soaked in Orange Blossom Water, then re-dried to form a smudge bundle.

Sold individually. Each bundle is approximately 4 inches long, 0.75" wide.

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