Rosemary & White Sage Smudge - Opens Pathways to a Kinder 2021

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Limited edition Rosemary and White Sage smudge bundle to welcome a kinder 2021. 

This combination of stabilizing Rosemary synchronizes wonderfully with White Sage for energy balancing within the home. Clears old trauma, calms erratic energy, and assists with manifesting future peaceful events. Opens pathways for new possibilities.

Designed to be burned on New Year's Eve. Light the smudge, preferably from the flame of an ambient or meditative candle. Walk clockwise through your home, consciously and emotionally letting go of the traumas of 2020. Open all windows in your home (even if for only 5 minutes), and walk clockwise through your home once again. This time, audibly exclaim your desires for the coming year. Finally, smudge your physical and non-physical body, which includes the 3 feet below your feet' soles (you will need to sit or lay) and the 3 feet above your head. Scatter the ashes of the smudge remnants outside your front door or on the sidewalk.


Limited edition and limited availability. Handmade item, each smudge is unique. Approximately 4-5 inches in length. Once sold out, it will be as gone as 2020. 

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