Opulence Ritual & 8-Day Meditation Set: Long-Term Wealth, Financial Stability & Abundance-Mindset



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Information & Ritual Uses

Prosperity ritual for drawing in a flow of steady and reliable wealth while improving your energetic relationship with abundance. This 8-day money magick ritual transforms your energetic pull towards money, allowing wellness and long-term wealth to flow into your life easily.​

This powerful monthly practice can open doors that have otherwise been closed to you. It will allow you to think big. Make better decisions. And best of all, put you in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. What happened in the past need not happen ever again. This simple monthly practice can navigate you towards the road to success. 

This Opulence Ritual Set includes:


Opulence Ritual Instructions

Best Time to Perform: 

  • This is an 8-day ritual that needs to be started eight days before the Full Moon, with the last spell performed on the morning of the Full Moon. 
  • For best results, this 8-day ritual must be repeated monthly for three moon cycles (3 months). 
  • The rituals must be performed right before, during, or slightly after the sunrise. The rising energy of the sun will propel your work.
  • ​Allow 45 minutes to complete this ritual, including candle burn time.

You Will Need:

  • Old World Witchcraft Opulence Ritual Blend
  • 8 Old World Ritual Candles
  • Matches or lighter
  • 4" x 4" piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Fireproof ritual surface, such as a metal or stone tray. 
  • Palo Santo Smudge 

Step 1: Write an affirmative and empowering statement in the present tense, such as:

Money comes to me easily and readily.

I am a money magnet.

I make wise decisions with and about my money.

All my needs are met with ease.

My life is beautiful.

As you write, begin to feel the energy of wealth entering your life. Your handwriting is not important, do not stress about how it looks. Stay focused on the energy. 

Step 2: Pick up one ritual candle and slowly roll it between the palms of your hands as you recite the full written Opulence statement 8 times. Allow the warmth and energy of your hands to warm and soften the wax. 

Recite it with authority, confidence, and power. By the 8th time this is recited, you should have this memorized. 

Step 3: While the ritual candle is still warm from the heat of your palms, lay the ritual candle across the statement paper and dust 1/2 teaspoon of the Opulence Ritual Blend over the candle. Firmly roll the ritual candle over the statement paper, distributing the herbs evenly throughout the statement paper and the candle. The ritual candle should be evenly dusted with the herbs in this process.

Step 4: Hold the blend-dusted ritual candle with one hand, light the candle with the other. While the candle is at a 45-degree angle over the statement paper, begin dripping the wax all over the paper while reciting the full Opulence statement 8 times.

As the writing will slowly become more and more concealed by the wax, the content of the statement will become more and more imprinted into your mind and energy field.

Step 5: Create a small pool of wax in the center of the statement paper (3-4 drops of wax will do). Firmly press the base of the candle directly into the pool of wax and hold it for about 5 seconds until the center hardens, and the candle is standing upright without any assistance. Once the candle is standing upright, sit quietly, gazing gently at the flame. 

Breathe out stress, breathe in joy. Breathe out worry, breathe in comfort. Breathe out tension, breathe in serenity.

Step 6: As the candle burns, light the Palo Santo smudge from the flame of the candle. Allow the flame to build for about 15-20 seconds from the flame of the candle. Carefully move the smoking Palo Santo slowly over your body (do not let it touch your body or your clothes), letting the soft smoke envelop you. Pay special attention to the soles of your feet, and about 5-10 inches above the crown of your head. 

Step 7: Although the candle typically self-extinguishes in its own pool of wax, never leave the candle unattended. In the slim chance it does catch the paper on fire, quickly blow it out to extinguish.

Step 8: Using the same (wax-covered) piece of paper, repeat the ritual an additional seven consecutive mornings up until the Full Moon. After the 8th repetition of this daily ritual, this wax-covered piece of paper becomes a potent and charged talisman for attracting wealth and long-term abundance.

It is vitally important to keep this talisman near you both morning and at night. The talisman forms a symbiotic relationship between your energy field and your mind, which, in turn, is responsible for your actions. Place the talisman in a small cotton pouch, a wallet, purse, or pocket. When sleeping, place the talisman either under your pillow or under your mattress.

On the night of the Witch's New Moon (about 2-3 nights after the Dark Moon), bury the Opulence talisman in your backyard. If that is not possible, acquire a very healthy (long-term) plant and place the talisman either under the plant or within the roots. Care for the plant as you would care for your financial well-being and watch your money grow.  

For best results, repeat this 8-Day Opulence Ritual for three consecutive months. 

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