Lavender & Rose Smudge Bundle for Inner Peace, Love and Grace



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Information & Ritual Uses

Lavender and wild roses have been used in European Witchcraft for the last 300 years.  Their prominence in a wide variety of love spells is a testament to their great power and energetic compatibility. 

This Lavender & Rose Smudge Bundle can be used in any love spell, particularly when peaceful companionship is desired. 

Other uses for the Lavender & Rose Smudge Bundle:

  • Burn throughout your bedroom the night before inviting a romantic interest to stay the night. If wanting a long-term relationship, thoroughly smudge both nightstands. In the morning, thoroughly air out the room.
  • After a fight or an argument, burn the Lavender & Rose bundle in the area where the disagreement took place. This will quickly dissipate any lingering negativity and will open pathways to reconciliation. This method works equally well regardless of whether the argument was in person or over the phone. 
  • When dark clouds of slow self-esteem come over you, burn the Lavender & Rose Smudge bundle at the first moment of realization. Again, this helps dissipate unfavorable energies surrounding love and helps resolve issues. 


Each Lavender and Rose Smudge Bundle is handcrafted and is approximately 5" long and 1.5" wide. This smudge is quite dense, burns slowly, and typically is enough for 2-3 uses.

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