Black Flame Banishing Ritual Candle {Prepared}: Remove Negative Conditions & Harmful Energies



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Information & Ritual Uses

The Black Flame Banishing Ritual Candle is fully prepared and ready for immediate use. The Banishing Candle is ritually handcrafted strictly under the Dark Moon influences and is therefore available in very limited quantities each month. Please check the estimated ship date in the title of this item, as it changes weekly based on availability. 


The Banishing Candle is made with five interwoven candles, herbs, resins, and pure beeswax. The black interior is based on an old Eastern European recipe of beeswax, cedar ash, and select Slavic herbs. This is a powerful method of eliminating draining energies, banish attachments and entities and put an end to destructive cycles. 


The Banishing Candle is activated by lighting the center wick, which is the black flame interior of the candle. As the flame of the black center begins to grow, begin chanting your banishing mantra (details below). Within a few minutes, the interior black wick will slowly light the four surrounding candles - one at a time. With each candle that is self-lit, an influence or aspect of that which you are banishing will begin to dissipate. 


How to Use:

Step 1: On the night of the Dark Moon, you will need:

  • Piece of paper, preferably 5”x5”
  • Black pen
  • Fireproof and heat-resistant ritual surface (very important!)
  • Heat-resistant bowl

On one side of the piece of paper, write a single sentence banishing mantra, similar to one of the examples below. 


"I now remove and permanently banish all negative influences, energies, and entities around me."

"All feelings of ______ are banished and removed from my life."

"________is now permanently banished from my life."

"I now banish ________ and forever part with ______."

This affirmative banishment statement is now your ritual mantra.


Step 2: On the back of the same paper,  write more in-depth conditions, situations, attachments, and energies you wish to banish. There is great power in getting all of the negative thoughts and negative energies out on this paper. Write all over the paper, if you wish. This is a good time to let your writing get messy and allow your energy to overpower any aesthetic hindrances of your writing. Get it all out, don't overthink what you are writing. Open the floodgates and allow all the negativity to be released from you. 


Step 3: Set up the candle on your ritual surface. There are two options for doing so:

Option 1Like all of our candles, this prepared Banishing Ritual Candle can be used without a candle holder, as it is able to stand upright with the help of a few beeswax drops from a single candle (sold separately).  First, make sure you have a solid, leveled, fireproof, and heat-resistant surface. Light a single candle and drip about 6-10 drops of wax directly on the center of your fireproof ritual surface creating a small pool of wax in the center. Firmly stick the base of the candle directly into the pool of wax and hold it for about 10 seconds. The center quickly hardens, and the Banishing Ritual Candle will stand upright without any assistance.  

Note: It may take you a couple of tries to get the hang of this. It’s alright, keep trying until it’s able to stand upright. Once you learn to use the standing method, it will become a permanent part of your ritual repertoire. If at a certain point you wish to use a candleholder instead, see option #2 below. 

Option 2: If you would prefer to not use the standing method, the Banishing Ritual Candle can fit into a standard-size candleholder. Please note, each candle is handmade and the width slightly varies. If the candle holder is narrower than the candle, gently scrape the base of the candle to the necessary size. 


Step 4: Place your statement paper next to the Banishing Ritual Candle. With strong will-power and determination in your voice, exclaim:

"As I light this candle, I now banish {your ritual mantra (from step 1)}. "

The Black Flame Banishing Candle is activated by lighting the center wick, which is the black flame interior of the candle. Light the center wick, and as the flame of the black center begins to grow, begin chanting your banishing mantra.

Within a few minutes, the interior black wick will slowly self-light the four surrounding candles - one at a time. With each candle that is self-lit, an influence or aspect of that which you are banishing will begin to dissipate. Watch the intricacy of the multiple dancing flames unfold. Spend a few minutes in meditation. Imagine that as the candles burn down, so too do all the negative things in your life. 


Step 5: Watch the flames closely.

Are the candles excessively hissing?

Did one or more flames extinguish?

Were any of the extinguished flames re-lit by the neighboring flame?

Did a strange ‘out of body’ sound suddenly emanate out of nowhere?

Excessive hissing and extinguished (drowned) candles indicate energetic interference and stagnation. Do not physically manipulate the candle to burn one way or another. Remember, the candle is a physical representation of the energies around you. If interference occurs, it is an indication that more work needs to be done. Suggestions below:

If something or someone has been working against you, the Break & Reverse Ritual is recommended. 

If your banishing ritual involves a person you wish to banish, the Cease & Release Ritual is recommended. 

The Witch's Shop has a wide variety of banishing rituals to choose from. Contact us if you would like assistance choosing the one that is best for your circumstances. 

Please do not repeat any banishing ritual on the same night. You must allow the energies around you to settle and potentially naturally dissipate.


Step 6: As the Banishing Ritual Candle burns down close to the base, light your statement paper from the flame of the candle and chant your banishing mantra once more. Safely place the statement paper into the fireproof bowl and allow it to reduce to ash.


Step 7: Stay put the remainder of the burn, do not leave this ritual unattended. This Banishing Ritual Candle burns between 20 minutes and 45 minutes, depending on the temperature in the room, possible drafts, and of course, the energetic intensity of your ritual. 


Remnant Disposal: When the candle is extinguished and the wax cools, dispose of the residual energies by properly disposing of the ritual remnants.

Three disposal methods are recommended for this ritual. Choose one that is best for you.

Option 1: Throw the ritual remnants into the center of a busy intersection, allowing the physical passing movement to quickly remove and disperse banished energies.

Option 2: Leave on railroad tracks, allowing the physical passing movement to quickly remove and disperse banished energies.

Option 3: If this is a particularly negative circumstance you are trying to banish, use a Wrought Iron Coffin Nail as your method of disposal. Grab a hammer and take your Banishing Ritual remnants to the cemetery. Exclaim what you are permanently banishing from your life and strike the Wrought Iron Coffin Nail through the ritual remnants and into the cemetery ground. The spirits of the deceased will take care of the rest! Always leave coins or candy at the gate of the cemetery as you depart. This pleases the gatekeeper spirits, and the departed so that no one follows you home. Keep in mind when doing so, one must walk away and not look back. If you can, take a different route home. 


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