How to Dispose of Ritual RemnantsWhat you do with the remains of your ritual (wax, ritual statement paper, ashes, etc.) is just as important as the ritual itself! The ritual does not end when the candles and the incense extinguish. The ritual is only completed when you return the remnants to the Earth. The Earth and the cycles of nature propel your ritual to its full completion. 

Make sure your disposal method does not contradict your desired outcome by completing your ritual following the disposal methods outlined below:

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UPDATE: Printable PDF cheat-sheet of Disposal Methods can be downloaded

 Method of Disposal When to Use Ritual Intent
Burying in your Backyard
To maintain desired circumstances, finances, a person, a relationship, or a possession in your life. ​
  • Marriage
  • Prosperity
  • Protection
  • Family-related
  • Blessing
  • Offering to ancestors
Burying in your ​Front Yard
To welcome something or someone new into your life. New person, new life experience, new job, or improved health. ​
  • Attract new love, both for a specific person or to manifest a new not-yet-known lover
  • Career and Life Path
  • If in a health rut, remnants buried in the front yard will welcome new potent practitioners or modalities.
Burying in the Cemetery 
To curse or harm. To put an end to undesirable circumstances, such as toxic relationships. To lay to rest the spirit(s) that reside within a home.

Leave a few coins and/or pieces of candy at the cemetery gate as you leave. Take a different route home. Do not look back or look over your shoulder as you depart. 
  • Curses
  • Banishment
  • Self-Defense
  • Vendetta 
​Burying in a Target's Yard or Property
To curse, bless, protect, or influence those who reside on the property. 
All influence rituals, including:
  • Curses
  • Love & Attraction
  • Protection
  • Blessing
Burying on the Property of a Business
To curse, bless, protect, or to influence a specific business or employee of the business.
  • Curse the business or employee(s) of the business
  • Protection
  • Influence/Manipulation
  • Prosperity rituals that are directly associated with the business.

Releasing Into a Stream/River/Natural Lake/Ocean/Sea*

*As with all remnant disposal, please be mindful of the substances you are releasing into the waterways. Absolutely no paraffin wax (see lower portion of this page), no glossy photo paper, etc. 

To release negative emotions, such as heartbreak, depression, etc.
To influence a person in a very distant or unknown location.
​To release health conditions and blockages. 
  • Release Emotional Pain 
  • Influence/Manipulation
Releasing into Man-Made Lakes/Reservoirs
Man-made lakes typically do not have streams that carry water in or out. Therefore the energy tends to be very stagnant and is unsuitable for ritual disposal. ​
If you live on the man-made lake (as in it actually belongs to you), refer to the Burying in the Backyard list of circumstances and uses.  Otherwise, stay away. 
Releasing into Ponds or Swamps 
Ponds and swaps have a stagnant energy and are not suitable for most types of disposals. As long as you do not live on (or near) the pond/swamp, you may use these natural bodies of water for cursing.
  • Curses
  • Influence/Manipulation Rituals to keep offenders trapped in a situation of your choosing. Such as to keep violent people (pedophiles, dog fighters, etc.) away from doing more harm, inflict isolation and/or suicidal thoughts.
Leaving on Active Railroad Tracks 
To release negative circumstances. To deliver a curse* or influence a person in the direction of the running train(s).
*If cursing, avoid the train and railroad tracks for at least 3 nights. 
  • Influence/Manipulation
  • Releasing Undesirable Conditions
  • Curses
Leaving on Abandoned Railroad Tracks
To separate yourself from someone. To keep two people from seeing each other. 
  • Separation/break-up
Dropping at a Busy Street/Road Intersection/Hiking Path
To deliver a curse or influence a person in a distant or unknown location. Suitable for making someone move, leave a job, etc. 
  • Influence/Manipulation
  • Curses
Dropping on the Road in the Direction of Your Target
To deliver a curse or influence a person in the direction of  the traffic lane.
  • Curses
  • Influence/manipulation spells
  • May be used for love spells if it's the street the target lives on
Leaving at the Target's Front Door/Driveway
The most powerful way to curse* or to influence. Remnants must be inconspicuous and discreet. Mix with ashes and dirt to conceal remnants.  

*If cursing, take a different route home, do not look back or look over your shoulder.
  • Curses
  • Love
  • Influence/Manipulation
  • Protection
  • Blessing
Blowing/Throwing *​Ashes
*without wax fragments
Generally speaking, once a ritual statement paper is burned to ash, the energy is released and is quickly dissipated. For this reason, burning paper is not used when wanting to manifest prosperity. This type of work is most suitable for emotions, thoughts, influence, etc.
Blow ashes in the general direction of the target for:​
  • Emotional Wellness (including to heal heartbreak)
  • Influence​/Manipulation 
Throwing into a Fire/Bonfire/Fireplace
To release negative circumstances or emotions. To deliver a curse or influence a person in an unknown location.  

*If cursing, it is recommended the fire is not on your property grounds.
  • Curses
  • Banishment 
  • Emotional Wellness Rituals (including to heal heartbreak)
  • Rituals on/for yourself, when rapid change is required but is difficult for you. Perfect for going through with a divorce, deciding to move, *banish those that do you harm, etc. 
 *If banishing, you will still need to remove the ashes from your premises by following the other disposal methods on this page. 
Burying in the Forest/Woods
General multi-purpose method of releasing energy. Can be used when no other methods are appropriate or accessible. 
  • Banishment
  • To release unwanted conditions, emotions, etc.
  • Remnants of old rituals that have already manifested, but have not been appropriately disposed of. ​​
Burying at the roots of an Old, Healthy Tree
When growth or stability is desired. 
  • Prosperity
  • Wellness & Personal Growth
  • Blessing
  • Ancestral or Spirit Communication


Please make sure to ONLY use 100% biodegradable ritual candles. For this reason, the glass jar botanica candles (made entirely of petroleum processing byproducts) are something we never recommend or use. It's an extremely processed product that holds no real energy and cannot be safely put back into the Earth. Avoid paraffin (and all petroleum-derived products) wax at all costs. 

Magick is nature. Nature is magick. Use quality, Earth-friendly ritual materials. Releasing rituals back into nature completes the cycle of manifestation. Learn to align with this cycle and watch the success of your rituals dramatically increase.