Old World Witchcraft Affiliate Program

Do you love Old World Witchcraft products? Are you an author, blogger, or social media influencer? Join the Old World Witchcraft affiliate program and get paid to promote Old World Witchcraft products. 


Frequently Asked Affiliate Program Questions

"How does the affiliate program work?"

An Old World Witchcraft affiliate program provides you with an exclusive access to your very own affiliate portal. The portal will give you a unique-to-you link, that can be embedded or shared on your own blog, website, or social media page. When one of your readers clicks the unique link, the system intelligently keeps track of the person you referred. If within 14 days they make a purchase, you automatically earn 6.5% of the total sale (excluding shipping).


"Does the affiliate program cost me anything?" 

No, the affiliate program is free to you. 


"How much can I earn money promoting Old World Witchcraft products?"

You will earn 6.5% of every referred sale.


"How do I get paid?"

You will receive your earned commission via PayPal every 30 days. 


"How do I join?!"

Sign up here. 


If you have any questions about the affiliate program, please feel welcome to email our team at contact@oldworldwitchcraft.com