Attainment Ritual Blend: Material Manifestation & Prosperity



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Information & Ritual Uses

Old World Witchcraft Ritual Blend for expediting manifestation related to financial prosperity and material belongings. This ritual blend works best when "assigned a job" for a specific thing to draw into your life. It is best to start with something fairly simple and slowly move up from there. As your energy around manifestation begins to change rapidly, you will experience and be able to manifest on a larger scale. 

Proprietary, time-tested Old World Witchcraft blend of 100% organic and responsibly wild-harvested herbs, roots, and resins. No fillers! Every Ritual Blend is ritually handcrafted and bottled under specific corresponding Moon phases and astrological influences.

 View step-by-step ritual on the Attainment Ritual page.


Due to global supply disruptions, glass jar style and color may vary.


Old World Moon Phases

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