Spring Equinox Ritual for Life Changes, Personal Growth & Determination



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With the Sun entering Aries and life reawaking all around, the energy is ripe for amplifying rapid life changes.

The Spring Equinox is considered a very lucky day for manifestation that requires work and determination. The ritual below is a simple yet effective way to harness the energy of the rising Sun to initiate a powerful energetic shift.

Spring Equinox Ritual includes:

Ritual Instructions

Ritual Instructions

You Will Need:

When to Perform:

Within 72 hours of the Spring Equinox, write (yes, physically write) your desires on a 4"x4" plain sheet of paper. Use affirmative statements, such as:

  • "My work is deeply fulfilling and I easily prosper." 
  • "I am now open and receptive to rapidly changing _____"  
  • "I am now supported to _____. All my needs are easily met."
  • "I have the courage and energy to create/change/manifest _____"

Gently hold and roll the candle braid between the palms of your hands. Chant your manifestation statement and envision yourself experiencing that outcome. Do not let your mind wander or predict how this manifestation will come about. Let it go. You must only trust and allow the path of least resistance to lead you. This is how the energy will flow through you and lead you.

Within a couple of minutes, the beeswax will become a bit warm and sticky from the heat of your palms. If your candle braid came with the legs fully braided, pull apart the four legs approximately 1/2"-1". Holding the candle braid at a 45-degree angle over the paper, dust the candle with approximately 1/2 teaspoon of the Sacred Power Ritual Blend. Allow the excess to fall on the paper. Position the candle to stand on top of the paper.


Exclaim your ritual statement with power and authority. Now light the candle. Sit in front of the candle and stare at the space just above the flame. Allow your gaze to soften and become out of focus. Chant your ritual statement and envision the end result of your manifestation. Do this for as long as it feels comfortable and enjoyable. Do not force it.


Light the rosemary smudge from the flame of the candle. Carefully smudge the 6 inches above your head, your shoulder blades, the space between your belly button and collar bone, and the 6 inches below your feet (you will need to sit or lay).

Note: You will only need to burn about 1-2" of the smudge and may save the remainder for another ritual.

Allow the candle to burn fully. Unless the candle becomes a fire hazard, do not manipulate how the candle is burning. Let nature take its course. Assuming your ritual room is not drafty (all windows are closed, AC/heater off, etc.), your candle will visually convey to you any resistance and will continue burning until it has done its job. Again, do not manipulate or interfere with the flame unless it becomes a fire hazard. Possible ways the candle will burn and what it means:

  • If the candle burns with minimal smoke and minimal soot, the resistance is gone, and the desire is already energetically aligned. You will soon witness or experience the manifestation.
  • If the candle burns with smoke or soot and then extinguishes itself with minimal fire damage to the paper, the resistance has been burned through, and your energy is now correctly aligned. 
  • If the flame suddenly goes out or drowns itself in wax before reaching the bottom 1/2" of the candle, there is excessive interference. Therefore, before reattempting this ritual or any others involving this subject, perform a Banishing Ritual to remove energetic interference.
  • If the candle lights the paper on fire and then burns for over 45 minutes, reconsider your desired manifestation. Internal resistance is disagreeing with your conscious mind. Your head, heart, and spirit are not aligned. 


If your candle burned in one of the top 3 ways above, gather the ritual remnants of wax, excess herbs, paper, or ash. The next morning, before sunrise, dispose of the remnants in one of the following ways:

  • Bury the remnants in your front yard
  • Scatter the remnants in your front yard
  • Place the remnants under your doormat
  • Bury the remnants inside a healthy house plant

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