Ancestral Spirit Communication Ritual Kit for Samhain (13 Rituals)


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The Old World Witchcraft Oracle Ritual Blend attracts helpful spirits, particularly ancestral spirits. This ritual facilitates contact with ancestral spirits, allowing you to communicate and, if appropriate, ask for favors. Ideal for the Dark Moon or Samhain night. 

This Ritual Kit includes:

In addition to this Ritual Kit, you will need:

  • Prepare an offering of food or drink that would be most enjoyed by the particular ancestral spirit. Perhaps a glass of Chianti for your Italian grandfather, a slice of Mille-Feuille for your French grandmother, or a Cuban cigar for your jolly uncle. If you would prefer doing a general ancestral ritual, simply use a glass of red wine. 
  • Pen and paper.
  • If contacting a specific deceased family member, a printed copy of the ancestor(s) you wish to contact. This photograph will become covered in wax, so it is very important that you use a copy, preferably printed on plain copy paper. 
    • If your ritual is for general ancestors and not a specific person, create an alternative ancestral too, such as a dark bowl of water, a crystal ball, or a large labradorite stone nearby.
  • If contacting a specific deceased family member, have an item that a deceased beloved relative owned or gave you. Keep this item nearby or on your lap during the ritual.
  • Fireproof ritual surface, such as a Slate Stone board
  • Matches


Ritual Instructions:

Place all ritual materials, including the photo(s) and food offering on your ritual table. The ritual below will be outlined using one photo of a single ancestor. If communicating with several ancestors, repeat the same steps. 

Take a few deep breaths. Calm your body and mind. Affirm to yourself that you are now open to receiving communication from the departed. If fear comes up in any way, you will first need to address the fear and wait for it to dissipate. Explain to yourself that you are contacting your ancestors. These are the people who love you, people who may have died for your family or country, people who their bloodline to be well and prosper. Once you feel your psychic senses are open and relieved of any second-guessing or fear, continue to the next step. 

Step 1: On the back of the ancestor's photograph, write their name, as well as their date of birth and date of death (if known). 

  • If no photographs or names of ancestors are available, use a plain sheet of paper and write, "I now call upon my ancestors. My bloodline. Those who love me. Those who now know me. Come to me. I ask you to join me this evening."

Step 2: On the back of the photograph, evenly dust approximately 1/2 teaspoon of the Oracle Ritual Blend. 

Step 3: Holding a single Ritual Candle between the palm of your hands, begin gently rolling it back and forth between the palms of your hands. Verbally welcome your ancestor to your ritual space, invite them to come to join you. This allows the beeswax to absorb and expand the energy of open communication between the deceased and the living. 

Step 4: Once the candle is warm from the heat of your palms, firmly press it into the Ritual Blend by rolling the candle back and forth on the back of the photograph. Continue chanting their name and welcoming them to your space. 

Step 5: Hold and light the candle. Position the candle at a 45-degree angle and begin dripping wax on the outer edges of the photo. The wax should not cover their face but should cover parts of their body. This action evokes the spirit of the ancestor and opens energetic pathways between the worlds. 

Step 6: Audibly welcome the ancestor into your space. Welcome them as if they are about to enter your home. Say their name, say you have missed them, invite them to visit with you, and that you wish to talk with them. 

Step 7: Create a small pool of wax in the bottom center of the photograph (3-4 drops of wax will do). Stick the base of the candle directly into the pool of wax and hold it for about 5 seconds until the center hardens just a bit, and the candle is standing upright without any assistance. 

Step 8: Light the Mugwort Smudge Bundle from the flame of the candle. Allow the smoke to envelop your ritual space. Walk counterclockwise around your ritual space, if inclined to do so. 

Step 9: Position yourself so that you can gaze into the ancestor's eyes (or alternative ancestral gazing tool) while looking at the outer edge of the flame. Your gaze should soften and become out of focus. Your own senses of sight and sound will drown out for just a few seconds. You may suddenly get the chills and feel as though a cold breeze just passed you. 

This is perfectly normal. By this point, you will feel the room drop a few degrees. 

Step 10: Quietly ask the ancestor to come to sit with you and begin asking them questions, just as you would in the physical form.

Scents will begin coming through at this point. Your aunt's perfume? Your grandfather's cigars? 

Step 11: Begin writing down any mental impressions, sounds, scents, or ideas that come through your mind. Don't overthink them at the moment - simply start writing. It will all make sense in time!

Step 12: The candle burns for approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the temperature in the room, possible drafts, and energies emitted. If choosing to extend the ritual, warm-up another candle between the palms of your hands dust another candle with the Oracle Ritual Blend. It is crucial that the Ritual Blend adheres to the wax and burns throughout the ritual, as the resins and herbs in the blend are specifically designed to open portals. Light the new candle from the original candle, and place it alongside the original candle.

Step 13: When you are ready to say goodbye, and the candle comes close to extinguishing itself, thank your ancestor and graciously tell them that it is now time for them to return to the spirit world. Open the windows in your ritual space to allow the lingering energetic footprints to dissipate quickly. 


Step 14: If possible, place the food offering outside to sit out overnight. Usually, by morning it is all gone. If something remains, pour or bury the offering into the Earth. ​​​

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