Old World Floral Smudge Bundle - Protection, Love & Full Moon Blessings {Small}


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This large Old World Floral Smudge bundle contains Juniper, Rosemary, Lavender, Rose Petals, and a variety of other traditional (and seasonal) herbs to cleanse and protect your physical body, your spirit, and your home. Always handmade, using only sustainable and organic plants. Each handcrafted bundle is unique in color, size, and composition.

Juniper has been used for centuries by Siberian shamans and Eastern European Witches for welcoming new beginnings, offer blessings, and cast off evil. Juniper is a fragrant plant that changes residing energy to such an extent, that it opens new pathways for those that seek its guiding hand. It breaks down boundaries, old restrictions, and unhelpful thought patterns.

Burning Rosemary within the home and around the physical body is known for ensuring good health and harmonious home. Lavender increases inner strength, soothes troubled emotions, and brings peace. Rose petals (and Wild Roses when seasonally available) enhance romantic relationships, increase self-love, and opens the doorways to new love.

This is a very strong, powerful smudge stick and does not need to be burned fully during each session. Burn and extinguish as needed. Simply burn 1" - 2" at a time, then firmly push down the smoldering ashes into the fireproof bowl. Handmade and measures roughly 5-6" long. 

Ideal for burning on the night of the Full Moon.

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