The Equinox is Upon Us: Explore Your Light & Celebrate Your Shadows

As summer's blooms turned their fragrant heads towards autumn's call, we now celebrate Autumn Equinox. This morning we are waking up to nearly equal hours of darkness and light. While the spring days in the Southern Hemisphere will be growing longer, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are now entering our autumnal season of darkness.


With the Sun entering Libra, the Equinox, and the First Quarter Moon occurring today, now is a time of balance and to celebrate new endings with the promise of new prosperous beginnings. The Equinox roots us in our small place in this world. Our own microcosm. The subtle energetic undercurrents of our physical world are shifting—the sudden desire to release old habits and thoughts. To close a chapter of an old life, and open oneself to new possibilities. Notice the similarities between the changes you see in nature and within yourself—the shedding of old thought patterns, old habits, and old cycles.


Allow yourself to turn off the TV and disconnect from the chaos. Burning a rosemary smudge on this day is very therapeutic, as it helps bring a peaceful transition of the season. It cleanses away the old to make room for the new.Today Sun enters Libra in perfect harmony with the Equinox. The autumnal characteristics of a cozy home and warm meals with loved ones perfectly embody the next four weeks of Libra's influence.


Now is a time when most of our desires and ambitions are centered around complementary energies. As the ego naturally puts itself on the backburner, we instinctively want to nurture others and focus on the good of all. An excellent time for strengthening all types of relationships, including both business and romantic.


An energetically potent time to perform the Wise Woman Prosperity Ritual. If you have been feeling energetically weak, this is an excellent week to perform the Viking Courage Ritual.


Whether you are celebrating new beginnings in the Southern Hemisphere, or are entering a season of endings in the Northern Hemisphere, I urge you to wholeheartedly explore your light and learn to celebrate your shadows.


Blessed Equinox to all!

Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin


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