September 2020 Astrological Influences & Recommended Rituals

September 1, 2020 10:22pm PST / September 2, 2020, 6:22am UTC: Full Moon in Pisces heightens psychic senses and amplifies emotions. An excellent evening for divination and all rituals involving emotions — especially love rituals and influence rituals. Not an ideal night for prosperity rituals - wait until the Aries Full Moon of October 1st!


Those who have been bottling up their emotions will experience an overwhelming flood of sentiments during tonight's Full Moon and through the morning of September 3rd. Many will find heartfelt clarity and peace tonight. It will feel as if the mental fog suddenly lifts, and you're able to answer to your life's calling. 


Tonight's Full Moon is excellent for outside-the-box thinking. Creativity is closely tied to the spiritual realm. Divination, meditation, or simply basking under the moonlight is emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically cleansing. 


September 9, 2020: Mars Retrograde begins and slows productivity to an almost unbearable halt. This warrior, action-loving planet stations retrograde about every 22-24 months and brings 70 days of interruptions, lethargy, and unpleasant confrontations. As luck would have it, Mars Retrograde streaks through the US presidential elections. September 9- November 14, 2020, expect more violence, vulgar remarks from those currently in power, and a high level of unpredictability. On a personal note, I would like to tell you not to launch any new business ventures under the influence of Mars Retrograde. Try not to file any critical legal paperwork, such as a lawsuit, divorce, etc. All "sure-bet" ideas, ventures, and enactments launched during Mars Retrograde often unpredictably fail under bizarre circumstances. 


September 13, 2020: Jupiter Retrograde comes to an end, and we can begin to realign with our physical and long-term tasks on this Earth. Tasks that support our financial well-being and our sense of independence. What stopped working in your favor in May? If a mental fog and a sudden indifference to your life path reared its ugly head in May, know that by the end of September, you'll be back to having a good head on your shoulders. 


September 17, 2020, 4 am PST / 12 pm UTC: The Dark Moon in Virgo turns a spotlight on the physical body and the awareness of the chaos. Fears around the pandemic and the environment will be heightened. Virgo energies will stretch all possible scenarios. Many will crave shelter from the horrors of the world, while others will finally embrace their Inner Warrior. All Earth signs will feel a strong desire to clean the home and discard all that is worn out. 


If you are in North America, perform your Banishing Rituals on the night of September 16th. If you are wanting a simple ritual to cleanse your home, I like to use a combination of Agrimony Powder and Wormwood Powder to illuminate and cleanse. This nearly smokeless method of cleansing will be very satisfying under the influences of the Virgo Dark Moon. Simply take one Old World Ritual Candle and warm it by rolling between the palms of your hands. Once the candle is warm, dust the candle with 1/2 teaspoon each of Agrimony Powder and Wormwood Powder. Light the candle and walk through your home, moving the light into the dark corners of the house. Illuminate all reflective surfaces, including windows. Notice if (or when) the candle hisses or pops - this often indicates an energetic presence. If black smoke appears, a more thorough energetic cleansing must be done, followed by a spiritual protection ritual for the home


September 19*-20, 2020 The Witch's New Moon 

As soon as you see the very first sliver of the moon, know that is the Witch's New Moon is upon you. Note: Based on your location, some will see the first crescent of the Witch's New Moon as early as September 18th. The Witch's New Moon is the ideal time to launch new ventures, plant new seeds of manifestation, and draw new love into your life. Due to Mars Retrograde, it is best to focus primarily on self-improvement and romance on this Witch's Moon. The early morning of September 19th would be excellent to begin the Blossom Into Love Ritual. This ritual focuses on healing the heart chakra and opening (blooming) oneself to manifesting lasting love. Use the ritual outlined below to open your pathways to finding new love. Life always mirrors back to us the feelings we have inside. As you develop your inner sense of love and romance, the right person to share your growing sense of intimacy will be attracted to you like a magnet. Also suitable to perform when in an existing relationship. This allows your partner to reflect to you the energies you put forth within yourself, resulting in a more satisfying romantic relationship and fidelity. 


September 22, 2020: The Equinox is now upon us. Although it is still warm in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, the changing of the season becomes palpable. Energies are shifting—the sudden desire to release old habits and thoughts. Notice the similarities between the changes you see in nature and within yourself—the shedding of old thought patterns, old habits, and old cycles.


The Equinox roots us in our small place in this world. Our own microcosm. Notice the similarities between the changes you see in nature and within yourself—the shedding of old thought patterns, old habits, and old cycles. Allow yourself to turn off the tv and disconnect from the chaos. Burning a rosemary smudge on this day is very therapeutic, as it helps bring a peaceful transition of the season. It cleanses away the old to make room for the new.


September 22, 2020: Sun enters Libra in perfect harmony with the Equinox. The autumnal characteristics of a cozy home and warm meals with loved ones perfectly embody the next four weeks of Libra's influence. Now is a time when most of our desires and ambitions are centered around complementary energies. As the ego naturally puts itself on the backburner, we instinctively want to nurture others and focus on the good of all. An excellent time for strengthening all types of relationships, including both business and romantic. An energetically potent time to perform the Wise Woman Prosperity Ritual. If you have been feeling energetically weak, this is an excellent week to perform the Viking Courage Ritual


September 28, 2020: Saturn Retrograde ends a four-month cycle of obsessively reevaluating past decisions. Have you been mentally revisiting past goals, past relationships, past personal ideologies? What worked, what hasn't. What you wish you could re-live, what you wish you could forget. A clearer life path has now been laid out in front of you. The next seven months will be spent following this new life path, including new goals and ambitions. 


Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous September! 

Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin



Michelle Schmidt

Michelle Schmidt

Thank you for taking the time to post this! I just re-read it and found it so helpful. Looking forward to these monthly in-depth explanations and recommendations…I can’t wait to learn what October’s influences will bring!



This is the first time I have visited your site. It is so informative, easy to read and understand. Thank you for putting this out there. Blessings to all of you with energy from the Universe.

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