November 2020 Astrological Influences & Ritual Recommendations


Hello Witches and readers, I trust you all had an inspiring Samhain and enjoyed revisiting your dearly departed ancestors. We have quite a busy month ahead of us, let us begin...


November 3rd, 2020: Mercury direct! Mercury Retrograde comes to a screeching halt, don't forget to triple-check everything just yet! For many people, a boomerang effect makes the week after Mercury direct even worse. As expected, this will election will get very messy. The Mercury post-shadow will impact us until November 19th, 2020. I like to burn Rosemary or Lavender around my home on the morning of Mercury Direct, as it helps clear stagnant energies of miscommunication and annoyances over what failed to work. Think of Rosemary and Lavender as energy stabilizers. They help reduce the bearing of previous unpleasant emotions, thoughts, and actions. Simultaneously opening pathways for emotional and energetic stability.


November 10th, 2020: Mercury enters Scorpio, and we are all thrown into extreme focus surrounding work and society. Secrets will be exposed, often rather shockingly. Conspiracy theories frequently multiply under this transit, but thanks to Mercury's inquisitive (and intellectual!) influences, the scandals will be quickly debunked. A good day to uncover the truth using the Oracle Ritual Blend - divination instructions halfway down the product page.


November 12-13, 2020: Today is an excellent day to draw a line in the sand between you and the people who are toxic to you. With Mercury in Scorpio, Venus soon transitioning to Scorpio, and the Dark Moon approaching, use this time to set boundaries! Whether you are ending relationships or are working to break the negativity that others have placed on you, take advantage of this powerful time. If an abuser has been lurking around and you need to intervene, do so using the Vendetta Ritual. Put an end to the abuse, and don't look back.


November 13th, 2020: Mars retrograde comes to an end in the productive sign of Aries. Think back to what professional challenges you have experienced since the first week of September. What projects have stalled? What business opportunities, associations, or sales contracts fell through? Expect many of those exact problems to be resolved in the coming weeks. Bit by bit, pieces of the broken puzzle will be placed back together. Those who have been feeling lethargic since September will now get a healthy boost of energy. Motivation will also continue increasing, likely peaking on the Quarter Moon of November 21st.


November 14th, 2020 9:07 pm PST / November 15th, 2020 5:07 am UTC: As the Moon disappears from the autumn night sky, we experience the Dark Moon. The Dark Moon in Scorpio restores the mysteries of life that intrigue us. It invites us to delve a little deeper. A little darker. A little more raw and real. Expect the next 48 hours to be highly emotional and quite confrontational. Remember to react to unpleasant, unmotivated, and/or ungrateful people with civility. Keep interaction to a minimum and simply close the door behind you. Focus on your own personal growth and wellbeing. This Dark Moon will be exceptionally powerful for divination work, as well as all forms of banishing. Allow the darkness of the Dark Moon to reveal your inner blockages and banish all that no longer serves you.

Please note, the Dark Moon is never a good time to begin a new venture. Wait for the Witch's New Moon, which is the night you can see the very first sliver of Moon.


November 15th, 2020: The morning after the Dark Moon, I like to perform a Spiritual Protection Ritual to help guard me against other people's negativity and otherwordly attachments. As a Sensitive, I must always be aware of my surroundings and the various energies that encircle my mundane activities.


November 16th-17th, 2020: Witch's New Moon. Depending on where you are in the world, the Witch's New Moon falls in the early morning hours of November 16th or 17th. As soon as you see the very first sliver of Moon, know that is the Witch's New Moon is upon you. That will be the ideal time for beginning new ventures, planting new seeds of manifestation, and drawing new love into your life. If you experienced miscommunications or crossed signals with a love interest in the last couple of months, this will be a good time for the Contact Me at Once Ritual. If needing to heal your heart chakra or wanting to welcome new (unknown) love into your life, this is the opportune time to begin the Bloom Into Love Ritual.


November 21st, 2020: Sun enters Sagittarius and awakens our curiosity about the world. Under this energetic influence, we are open to accepting new ideas and are more compassionate towards humanity as a whole. Under normal circumstances, travel is strongly encouraged. But perhaps this year we can instead read about the cultures and traditions that are foreign to us. An opportune time to start learning a new language!


November 28th, 2020: The rose-colored glasses come back on as Neptune retrograde comes to an end. A slow moving planet, many people do not notice the effects of this retrograde. What you may notice is life will suddenly no longer seem so jarring. We will still be tired of the current situation we are all in, but the harsh fluorescent lighting that has been blinding us the last six months will now begin to soften. Find something creative to do, or if possible, get some fresh air.


November 29th, 2020: With Mercury and Neptune Direct, and a Full Moon within 24 hours, now is an excellent time to get your legal and financial matters in order. If legal or financial troubles have shown their ugly heads, today is an energetically potent day for the Legal Assistance Ritual.


November 30th, 2020 1:29 am PST / 9:29 am UTC We welcome the Full Moon in Gemini, which influences spontaneity and the desire to break tradition. New ideas and deeply held beliefs will be easily shared but will not be well-received. People will have an unstoppable urge to share the skeletons in their closet. The Moon rules our emotions, inner dialogue, and deeply held beliefs. Under the Gemini influence, emotions can be changed (or manipulated) quite easily during this time -- both through mundane tactics, as well as through ritual. If you have been contemplating love magick or need to gain favors from a specific person, this is an immensely powerful evening for this work. If you are in North America, perform your ritual in the late hours of November 29th. If you are in Europe, you may choose either evening. Witches in the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania should time their rituals for the evening of November 30th.


Wishing you a safe and prosperous November! May the final two months of 2020 be kinder to us all.


Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin 


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J. Lidtkie

J. Lidtkie

Thank you!
Your writing feels right and makes so much sense.
Wish I had discovered your blogs sooner.

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