Blessed Full Moon Samhain

Autumn is known for the thinning of the veil between the living and the dead. Notice this not-so-subtle undercurrent. This is the time you may see a rise in unexplained shadows, hear faint footsteps while in complete solitude, or receive crystal clear messages from ancestors. When we open ourselves to the mere awareness of the energies surrounding us, we become beacons for the otherworldly.


Tonight's Full Moon provides the ample necessary energy for spirit manifestation. These are the times when you can physically catch a glimpse of the departed, elementals, and other forces of the unseen. With the thinning of the veil, now is an excellent time to communicate with and honor your ancestors. Those participating in the Ancestral Communication Ritual this evening will surely experience hair-raising, jaw-dropping connections with their dearly departed.


Full Moon Samhain is a relatively rare event that will not grace us with its presence again until 2039. And, of course, tonight's moon is called a "Blue Moon", as it's the second Full Moon in a single month.


Tonight is the ideal time to make BIG life changes, particularly those requiring dedication, determination, strength, and consistency. Tonight's Taurus Full Moon reminds us that the best use of money is self-improvement, family, and long-term investments.


If you are unable to carve out a meaningful hour of magickal solitude this evening or are busy with children, I have another suggestion for you. Tonight is a very well-suited evening for crafting an offering altar for the deceased. This does not need to be anything ornate or hidden. A coffee table or dresser will do. Simply arrange photographs of deceased family members and friends. Light candles. Prepare food/drink offerings that the departed would have enjoyed in the flesh. Moments of meditation or prayer can be harmonized throughout the evening, as time allows.


Burning Mugwort can assist with divination and facilitates communication with the spirit realm, especially when seeking assistance from helpful spirits or ancestors.


In addition to the offering altar, I always set a place for my ancestors at the dining room table. I am Eastern European through and through. I leave a small glass of vodka, rye bread, pickles, something sweet, and a small plate of food of whatever I am cooking that evening. On the morning of November 2nd, I bury the offerings in my backyard. Many choose to place the offerings outside on the night of November 1st to allow wild animals to feast on the food.


I encourage you to draw from your own cultural heritage and figure out what is most appropriate for you and your ancestors. Cigars, wine, plantains - offer what would make your ancestors delighted to visit with you.

Wishing you many meaningful connections with the other side and a Blessed Samhain!

Love & Magick,

Dacha Avelin


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